IGF 2018 OF #37 EU Delegation to the IGF & Youth IGF Movement


Sub-theme description: youth, Internet governance, fake news, cybercrime


The main idea of the present proposal for an Open Forum is to share with the IGF multistakeholder community the concept and the outcomes of the Youth IGF Movement meetings that took place around the world. The format of the Open Forum is intended to be a debate between the Youth IGF Movement leaders and experts of the Information Society, namely the members of the EU Delegation to the IGF, as well as the representatives of the Asia-Pacific community, African countries and Latin America. We would like also to invite the leaders of the private sector for discussion with these young leaders. The Open Forum welcomes the representatives of other youth initiatives to enagage in an inclusive dialogue with the experts of the IGF community. The discussion between the experts and the young representatives will be focused on the main outcomes of the meetings organised by the young at national and regional levels. One of the focus points will also be to see how the recommendations which emerged from the Open Forum in 2017 have been taken into consideration at national and regional levels and what are the achievements.


TaC-Together against Cybercrime International
EU Delegation to the IGF & Youth IGF Movement in collaboration with Youth Asia Pacific regional IGF


1. EU Commission Representative 2. Delegation of the EP to the IGF 3. ICANN Representative 4. African Union Commission Representative 5. Members of the Youth IGF Movement (physical presence) & representatives of other youth initiatives

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Monday, 12 November, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:30
Salle X

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