IGF 2019 OF #16 Collaborative Multistakeholder Approaches in Cybersecurity


Collaborative multistakeholder model at national, regional and global level in creating Cybersecurity strategies provide the framework to support an all encompassing approach to protect the Cyberspace infrastructure, its content, users and create cyber resilience. It states national priorities and goals, assigns roles and responsibilities and resources. A particularly important issue stems from the increased tying of ICT with critical infrastructure sectors and systems such as energy, transport, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, food and water supply. Many new areas are added to the list as “essential services”, some of the “e-“type (like e-health, e-commerce, etc). With robust cybersecurity frameworks in place, countries can better leverage the opportunities offered by ICT for socio economic development. We recognise however that implementation and budget allocation for cybersecurity activities presents a significant challenge for states. This proposed forum will therefore address how countries can build national cybersecurity systems with a multi-stakeholder cooperation and engagement framework beyond borders.


Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation


1.Gisa Fuatai Purcell, Acting Secretary General, CTO 2.Kathryn Jones, Senior Policy Advisor, International Cyber Security, Cyber Security and Data Protection Directorate, UK Government 3.Dr. Martin Koyabe, Manager Technical Support & Consultancy, CTO

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Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisations


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