IGF 2019 OF #29 Public Service Internet, how media could fix the cyberspace


During the last 12 months we have assisted to a wide growth of the consciouness that the idea of Internet as public space has been put at risk by the greedyness of some companies, by the mass surveillance of some governments and by the misuse by some states or by groups of pressure.
Public Service Broadcasters members of the EBU in Europe (as well as their fellows in other parts of the world)have started to build new models of Internet communities based on the same values and principles of human rights that are inspiring Public Service Broadcasting since near 100 years. These principles -based on human rights- are openness, transparence, accountability, access to culture, correct information, sustain to local contents and language, creation of communities for good and not for profit, respect of privacy, support of social cohesion, and more recently, digital literacy and fight to digital divide. During the last year many initiatives (alone and in partnerhip with other institutions) have been promoted to start to build the PSI or Public Service Internet, within our membership, but also in partnership with civil society, industry and tech community, or even promoted directly by civil society organization inspired by the Public Service model.
BBC has launched the PSI (Public Service Internet) initiative. In the Netherlands has been launched the project Public Spaces, in Germany ZDF has launched a portal common to all cultural institutions of the country and so on.
Similarly, also within EBU, have been launched project Eurovox for setting standard for vocal personal assistant to guarantee pluralism; or project PEACH for algorithms of personalization and recommandation respectful of citizens' privacy; project Eurovision Social newswire to debunk fake news; project for Big Data journalism, to support initiatives of investigative journalisms that work through algorithms to chase data through big data; project Journalism Trust Initiative with RWB and UNESCO on disinformation and so on.
The Open Forum PSI will be used to present some of these initiatives and to interact with other organizations with whom we are cooperating on these issues, such as UNESCO (that has just released the Indicators on the quality of Internet), Council of Europe (that is producing reports over A.I. and media), WIPO (support to protection of authors' rights and broadcasting treaty), etc.


European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Union Européenne de Radiotélévisions


Justyna Kurczabynska, EBU head of Eurovision News Exchange
Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU director of Technology
Xiangong Hu, UNESCO Communication & Information
Carole Croella, WIPO Copyright law division
(TBC) representative BBC project PSI or project Public Spaces
(TBC) representative German broadcaster

Online Moderator: 

Giacomo Mazzone, EBU


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