IGF 2019 OF #31 Bridging the Digital in a large humanitarian organization


IFRC is leading a digital transformation project for our organization. We'll share insights, needs and examples of digital success, digital divide and risks on our journey. We are asking ourselves:
What would a digitally transformed National Society look like? What does a digitally transformed IFRC network look like? Are we ‘fit for future’?

Some of our research:

New technologies are transforming the world and how people live and work. Data analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of transformative technology that can positively impact Red Cross and Red Crescent capacity to address humanitarian and development need. However, there are risks with emerging technologies, that the benefits will not be felt by all, and the digital divide can create further inequality for those left behind. Digital literacy and data readiness are intrinsically linked. Without the infrastructure and skills to harness technology for humanitarian action, we are unable to fully realize the opportunities that digital and data resources/skills bring for leadership, impact, and evidence.” (Strategy 2030 White Paper)

“We are leaving people behind by not being equitable in the application of technology and the potential opportunities this brings. This growing gap highlights a power dynamic that the innovations and the programs we deliver might not 1. Meet the needs 2. Include the local communities fully in the process. 3. Protect the most vulnerable from cyber risks. The IFRC commits to continue to invest in its own, and its members’, capacity to gather and analyse relevant data designed to determine whom is most in need and to detect anyone who might be left behind.” (World Disasters Report, November 2018)


International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)


IFRC (Heather Leson)
Various National Societies (TBD)
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(Note: IFRC was part of a Diplo Foundation panel on Data in Humanitarian Action in 2017)

Online Moderator: 

Heather Leson


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