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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #29 Digital and state sovereignty in the internet



The event will start out with a keynote of 15-20 minutes by Mr. Könen (Director General of the department “Cyber-and Informationsecurity” of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community) addressing key elements of the state’s role for a secure and sovereign acting in the internet. The keynote will be followed by an open discussion with the participants on this topic. Crucial questions in this context are:
o How do we prevent internet-based infrastructures and services from being compromised by state and non-state actors?
o How can a state introduce its own ideas and interests, in particular in the international discourse on the development of the internet?
o How can a state avoid risky dependencies with respect to internet-based products and services?
o How can european and international cooperation contribute to „digital and state sovereignty“?

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