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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #38 Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies

Pew Research Center


The Pew Research Center will report findings from surveys in 11 developing countries about the way Internet connectivity and mobile phones are changing user’s lives for good and for ill. The nationally-representative surveys are the first of their kind in this cross-cultural context and are being conducted in late 2018 in Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Senegal, Kenya and South America. The Center’s findings, buttressed by focus groups in four countries, will document the ways people in developing countries say they benefit from mobile connectivity. In addition, the surveys spell out people’s concerns about fake news, identity theft, mobile devices’ impact on children, the deterioration of civic and political life and the rise of digital divides.
A key theme in presenting the research will center on the trade-offs people experience in connected life: new economic and social efficiencies vs. new distractions; access to wider social networks vs. less face-to-face time; new ways to participate in civic life and hold political leaders accountable vs. new chances for trolls to wreak political havoc. The presentation will focus in particular on the widespread sense that people personally benefit from mobile technology, even as they worry society is harmed.
The session will include invited respondents from some of the countries studied.

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