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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #40 The evolving ecosystem: ICANN's role in the security and stability of the Internet.



The Internet Ecosystem in which organizations such as ICANN fulfil responsibilities is rapidly evolving. A range of issues, whether legislative or regulatory initiatives with unintended consequences, cybersecurity attacks, or emerging platforms with dependencies on the Internet’s unique identifier system are contributory factors to our engagement in the global ecosystem.

This Workshop Session will explore the role ICANN has in furthering the stability, security of the Domain Name System (DNS) and how it engages with partners in fulfilling this goal. Critically, it will also discuss with global participants what more needs to be done to preserve the Internet.

Specifically, the Session, with participation from a number of different organisations, will address the following:

The emerging ecosystem and technologies and ICANN’s remit.

The current threat environment to the DNS and the Internet’s critical resources including a dialogue on actual attacks that have taken place;

Emerging legislative and other initiatives benefiting from engagement with partners to avoid unintended or unforeseen consequences.

How cooperation mechanisms between the different actors are required to address the diverse range of threats faced;

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