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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #49 Civil Society Reunion

Internet Society India Chennai


Proposed as an event to be passed on to be 'owned' by a small group of lead-participants from Civil Society, to be identified. This is a preliminary request, subject to reaffirmation by a team of organizers to be formed, as a event that would a reunion of Civil Society participants, mostly from within the IGF space, some to be invited from Civil Society without. Proposal to be expanded, and if approved as an expanded proposal, to be organized with a request to the IGF for a meeting space with good conferencing facilities, preferably in the IGF venue, with Internet for remote participation, Coffee and lunch or boxed lunch for 300-500 participants, either as direct/in-kind funding from the IGF, or by way of the IGF's assistance in securing the required funding, which may be around $10,000 euros. The event would be organized, tentatively, as a Round Table discussion on the topic "Stakeholder balance in Internet Governance for innovation in Business and effectiveness in Governance” Discussion to be led by discussion leaders from across stakeholder groups, with a geographical and gender balance.

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