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IGF 2019 Review of Outputs

As a multistakeholder, bottom-up process, outputs are produced from many sources at the IGF. Below is an overview that aims to help participants and the media keep a track of outputs that have been produced during the week and easily identify the source of those outputs. These outputs were made available as developed across five meeting days. Review of outputs per meeting days is available here.

IGF Outputs
Host Government Outputs
Participant Outputs
Geneva Internet Platform and DiploFoundation

Press Coverage
A selection of media coverage is available. It includes articles behind paywalls and articles in languages other than English.​

IGF documents are produced by the IGF Secretariat and UN Department of Global Communications They will be published on or

Host government outputs are produced by the Government of Germany and will focus on specific events and processes that the government has organized, as well as press releases. Host government outputs will be published on

IGF participant outputs are produced by IGF participants from all stakeholder groups, and can be the result of specific IGF sessions, or be independently developed launches or statements produced to coincide with IGF. They may come from specific stakeholder groups, be multistakeholder in composition, or may consist of participants signing on in their individual capacity. IGF participant outputs will be published in a variety of ways. Reports from official IGF sessions will be published on Other bottom-up outputs will be published on a variety of platforms and IGF will endeavour to includes links to them from “Outputs from IGF 2019” table.

Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) and DiploFoundation outputs are funded by the Government of Germany and consist of just-in-time reporting from IGF sessions as well as daily reports. Diplo has also produced an app to access its materials. Outputs are published on

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