IGF 2019 WS #321 The end-user's perspective on the 'internet of trust'.

Organizer 1: Natasha Tibinyane, ACTION Coalition
Organizer 2: Jennifer Ido, freelance consultant

Speaker 1: Serge parfait Goma, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Htaike Aung Htaike, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group
Speaker 3: Gabriel Ramokotjo, Civil Society, African Group

Policy Question(s): 

➢ From a personal experience, what do you consider as key components of an ‘internet of trust’?
➢ How do the actions of stakeholders influence your experience of the internet in terms of security, safety, stability and resilience?
➢ What are your options for digital connection when working and living in an environment where the internet is not secure, safe, stable or resilient, e.g. in countries where internet shutdowns are regularly applied, and areas where there is limited coverage?
➢ What or who do you consider as the biggest threats to internet security, safety, stability and stability? How does the lack of a stable, secure, resilient safe internet affect human rights in general, and free expression in particular?
➢ What are your recommendations for building an ‘internet of trust’? Are the particular groups whom you think should benefit from targeted actions to improve their experience in terms of the stability, security, resilience and safety of the internet?

Relevance to Theme: The session will explore the internet’s safety, security, stability and resilience from the end-user’s perspective. It will further provide insight into how to achieve an ‘internet of trust’ from a perspective that should be most important, that of the end-user.
The IGF provides an opportunity for diverse representation at the session, which will reflect in the discussion and engagement.

Relevance to Internet Governance: The end-user should be the most important consideration in the internet ecosystem and the development of ICT policies. The session is relevant to IG because it highlight’s the end-user’s experiences and perceptions of the internet in relation to safety, security, resilience and stability. It will provide important insights for policy makers, researchers, and those tasked with the safety, security, resilience and stability of the internet.


Round Table - Circle - 60 Min

Description: The roundtable discussion is aimed assessing the end-users experience of the internet in relation to security, safety, resilience and stability. To encourage free expression, the facilitator will set an informal tone.
The facilitator will make a brief introduction to the session and discussion starters, after which any of them are free to share their view on the theme. Each speaker has a maximum of two (2) minutes speaking time.
The facilitator will conclude the session with key points that emerged from the discussion.

Expected Outcomes: ➢ Diverse perspectives on the ‘internet of trust’ in relation to its security, safety, stability and resilience for the end-user.
➢ Increased awareness on opportunities that can be harnessed, and threats that can be mitigated in regards to the end-user and their experience with the internet.
➢ End-users provide key recommendations from on the building of an ‘internet of trust’ within the context of safety, security, stability and resilience.

Onsite Moderator: 

Natasha Tibinyane, Civil Society, African Group

Online Moderator: 

KOMI MOKPOKPO WOATEBA ELITCHA, Technical Community, African Group


Jennifer Ido, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

Discussion Facilitation: 

The facilitator will set an informal tone to encourage free expression. Key question will be asked to stimulate discussion, while the discussion starters will set the tone by sharing their views at the initial phase.

Online Participation: 

Remote participation is a critical component of this discussion.

Proposed Additional Tools: Social media


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-Being
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 12: Responsible Production and Consumption
GOAL 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
GOAL 17: Partnerships for the Goals