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IGF 2020 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Online Participation

Welcome to the IGF 2020 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting​ Online Participation Platform

1. Preliminary Note: In order to be able to participate in discussion remotely, please use your registration for online participation details when joining the virtual meeting:

Your name: [current-user:profile-given-name] [current-user:profile-family-name]
Email address (will not be published):

Then, to connect to the running session from your device, including accessing the video broadcast. please click on the the following link to join using your Internet access: JOIN MEETING ONLINE

It is possible to pre-configure your smartphone or electronic device to connect directly to the session's audio using the link above (instead of calling). Please, follow these Accessibility Hints.

Note: The online participation platform is standard for basic usage -chat, video, presentations and transcription-. However, there is also a quick guide available.

2. Once you are in the online participation platform, if you want to request the floor please read the instructions.

You will be able to directly access the electronic speaking queue of the room in the following link, once the session has been started: Request Floor


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