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IGF 2021 Session at EuroDIG

Monday, 28 June, 2021 - 13:15 to 14:15 UTC
Hosted by IGF Secretariat

The IGF Secretariat will host a session at the 2021 EuroDIG (European IGF). The session will focus on the IGF 2021 process innovations and will allow for direct interactive discussion with focal points of the intersessional work.

This session is formally placed on the programme along with the NRIs Assembly. But please note that everyone, from any part of the world, are invited and most welcome to join and take active participation, regardless if affiliated with NRIs or not.

Please make sure to register for EuroDIG 2021 to receive your personal link to join. We advise that you save this calendar entry to your personal calendar and set up a reminder.

More about the session is available below.

Session hosted by the IGF Secretariat at EuroDIG 2021
Towards an innovative IGF 2021
28 June 2021 | 13:15-14:15 UTC | Studio Trieste
Registration link is 

Session teaser
For over a year, the world turned to digital completely. The IGF, as well, was hosted completely online for the very first time in its history. Many lessons are learned and being applied to this year’s IGF. Join us for this interactive session to learn what is new and to help us improve further IGF 2021.

Session description
The IGF 2021 process includes an interactive community-centred preparatory phase and the 16th annual meeting to be hosted by the Government of Poland in Katowice from 6 to 10 December. The entire process will be hosted in a hybrid format, to ensure as-equal-as-possible participation of online and onsite participants. 

Even though the IGF was always hosted in a format that aimed to accommodate online participation, this year's process will invest even more effort into this goal. The COVID-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions are not the only factors that prompted the IGF to evolve towards a hybrid nature. Its mandate, continuous advice from the community, as well as the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation all added to the momentum for concrete action in improving the participation conditions. 

The IGF is more out there, closer to people. This is why the intersessional working modalities are also advancing and many capacity development activities are being introduced. We hope that the IGF 2021 process will engage many historically unrepresented stakeholders who will help us to ensure Internet governance processes are present in all corners of the world.

This session will allow participants to learn more about IGF innovations and how to effectively engage in the IGF 2021 processes.


  • Welcome and introductions from the IGF Secretariat and MAG Chair --- 5 min
  • What’s new about IGF 2021? Brief overview followed by Q&A--- 25 min
  • Engaging into IGF 2021 intersessional work and NRIs: an overview of best practice forums, policy networks, dynamic coalitions --- 10 min
  • 1on1 Q&A with --- 15 min (in breakout groups)
    • Policy network on meaningful access --- chat with Raquel
    • Policy network on environment --- chat with Flurina
    • Best practice forum on cybersecurity ---- chat with Sheetal
    • Best practice forum on gender and digital rights --- chat with Bruna
    • Dynamic Coalition coordinators --- chat with Markus and Sorina
  • Next activities and conclusion  --- 5 min

Further reading


  • Mr. Chengetai Masango, Head of IGF Secretariat 
  • Ms. Anriette Esterhuysen, Chair of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group
  • Ms. Anja Gengo, Associate Programme Expert / National and Regional IGF Initiatives Focal Point
  • Ms. Sorina Teleanu, Consultant for Dynamic Coalitions and MAG support
  • Ms. Sheetal Kumar, co-Lead BPF Cybersecurity workstream on outreach 
  • Ms. Bruna Martins dos Santos, co-facilitator BPF Gender and Digital Rights
  • Mr. Wim Degezelle, Consultant for Best Practice Forums
  • Ms. Flurina Wäspi, Consultant for Policy Network on Environment
  • Ms. Raquel Gatto, Consultant for Policy Network on Meaningful Access

Contact Information

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