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Inné, Anne-Rachel

Anne-Rachel is a long time participant/actor of ICANN and Internet Governance at the international level.  She re-joined ICANN in 2014 as Vice-President Government Engagement and is based in the ICANN office in Washington DC, USA. She supports ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) at ICANN. She has more than 20 years of experience in International relations and Internet Governance.

She has experience in languages and translation, worked in the airline industry, as ICT for private sector and representative of the African private sector in the WSIS process, and at DNSO at ICANN, as ICT for development consultant and countries programme manager for different IGOs, and joined ICANN’s team based in Africa in 2002. She worked at ICANN as policy Analyst/Liaison and Manager Regional Relations, Africa among others, until June 2012.

Ms. Inné also worked as COO of the African RIR, AFRINIC, where she supervised the Member Services, the Communications and the IT teams. She is a founding member of AFNOG, AFRINIC, AfricaCERT, AfrISPa, AIS, and other local projects embedding ICTs. She is a Girls in ICT mentor and her vision is one of an intelligently connected Africa at the service of people and communities. She is quite involved in education projects in Africa. She holds a Master of Literature and an MBA in International Management (Finance/Economics).

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