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IRPC: Stakeholders



Marianne Franklin (2016-2018), Academic, New Zealand

Minda Moreira  (2017-2019),  Civil Society, Portugal

Steering Committee Members 

Robert Bodle, Academic, USA

Catherine Easton, Academic, UK

Sahajman Shrestha, Civil Society, Nepal

Hanane Boujemi, Civil Society, Morocco

Website and Social Media Manager

Minda Moreira, Civil Society, Portugal



Former Chairs

Hanane Boujemi (2015-2017), Civil Society, Morocco

Catherine Easton (2014-2016), Academic, UK

Robert Bodle (2013-2015), Academic, USA

Marianne Franklin (2012-2014), Academic, New Zealand

Matthias Kettemann (2011-2013), Academic, Austria

Dixe Hawtin (2010-2012), Civil Society, UK

Lisa Horner (2009-2010), Civil Society, UK

Max Senges (2008-2009), Private Sector, Germany

Former Steering Committee Members 

Jaco Aizenman, Technical, Costa Rica

Allon Bar, Academic/Civil Society, Netherlands

Robert Bodle, Academic, USA

Norbert Bollow, Technical-Civil Society, Switzerland

Carlos Affonso P. Da Souza, Academic, Brazil

Rafik Dammak, Technical, Tunisia

Michael Gurstein (RIP), Civil Society, Canada

Dixie Hawtin, Civil Society, UK

Matthias Kettemann, Academic, Austria

Shaila Rao Mistry, Private Sector, USA

Parminder Jeet Singh, Civil Society, India

Viktor Szabados, Civil Society, Hungary

Tapani Tarvainen, Technical, Finland

Minda Moreira, Civil Society, Portugal

Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Civil Society, Nepal

Kevin Risser, Civil Society, USA


IRPC Charter (Version 1.1) Expert Group 

Editor: Dixie Hawtin, Civil Society, UK

Wolfgang Benedek, Academic, Austria

Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Academic/Civil Society, Denmark

Meryem Marzouki, Academic/Civil Society, France

Andrew Rens Academic/Civil Society, South Africa

Roberto Saba, Academic, Argentina

Wang Sixin Academic, China


10 Rights & Principles Working Group

Shaila Mistry, Private Sector, India/USA

Brett Solomon, Civil Society, USA

Karmen Turk, Academic, Estonia

Dixie Hawtin, Civil Society, UK


The IRP coalition mailing list has over 320 active participants from government departments, intergovernmental organisations, the private sector, civil society organisations, academics and the technical community, who all have a stake in the future of the Internet.

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