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NRIs Meeting I

- Virtual Meeting I, 9 January 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC -



  1. The 1st virtual meeting of the National, Sub-regional, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs) of the IGF 2020 preparatory cycle, took place on 9 January 2020 at 15:00 p.m. UTC.
  2. The meeting was hosted by the IGF Secretariat’s NRIs Focal Point. The final, adopted version of the Agenda is attached to this document as Annex A1 and a list of meeting Participants as Annex A2. The list of shared documents is attached to this report as Annex A3.

Summary of key points

  1. The Host welcomed participants to the first planning meeting of the 15th IGF preparatory cycle. It was reminded that the purpose of this meeting is to provide an overall feedback to the last year’s work of the NRIs and set work objectives for the IGF 2020 process.
  2. IGF Secretariat shared updates regarding the most recently recognized NRIs (Afghanistan Youth IGF, Nicaragua Youth IGF, Moldova IGF, Honduras IGF, China IGF) and informed that a total number of recognized NRIs is 125 (88 national; 18 regional and 19 youth IGFs).
  3. Discussion continued with the NRIs reviewing the results of the call for feedback to the NRIs work. Participants were reminded that the NRIs have responded to a feedback survey that the IGF Secretariat has communicated shortly after the end of the 14th annual IGF meeting. The survey results were presented (Annex 3) and feedback invited.
  4. There were no specific comments on the survey results. Based on presented inputs, the moderator invited participants advice on setting the possible work objectives for IGF 2020.
  5. There was a broad support for the NRIs to focus on a similar set of objectives as in 2019, which included; 1) main session; 2) collaborative sessions; 3) coordination session; 4) booth.
  6. Given the overall positive sentiment of received responses to the survey, participants discussed if the 2020 year could be a continuation of the 2019 work, especially in regard to the topics of the main session and collaborative sessions. A number of the NRIs coordinators supported views initially expressed by the IGF-USA and Brazil IGF that the NRIs should call for bottom-up inputs to confirm the priority topics for 2020. Also, it was agreed that this process should be agreed after the 1st face-to-face meeting of the MAG (scheduled for 14 – 16 January 2020, Geneva, Switzerland), for possibly coordinating process with the IGF’s call for issues.
  7. Discussion developed further about the Youth IGF initiatives. The IGF Secretariat expressed commitment to update the Youth Engagement publication[1] with the work initiatives conducted after the publication’s release in 2017. Also, it is planned to redesign the webpage of Youth IGF initiatives and a proposed design will be communicated to the NRIs. Participants were informed that the IGF 2020 Host Country – Government of Poland – plans activities on youth engagement into the 15th IGF, which makes a priority for the Secretariat to review the recognition process for existing initiatives.
  8. Participants were informed that the consolidated outputs of inputs submitted by the NRIs co-organizers of the main session and collaborative session will be finalized during month and formatted outputs will be displayed on the IGF website. A proposal for the section on the website (‘NRIs Library’) dedicated to all NRIs publication will be shared with the NRIs.
  9. The meeting concluded with a reminder from the IGF Secretariat that the first IGF 2020 Open Consultations and MAG meeting will be hosted in Geneva, Switzerland form 14 – 16 January 2020. All NRIs were also invited to submit feedback to the IGF 2019 process and suggest improvements for the IGF 2020 process through the IGF Taking Stock Call open by 10 January 2020.


Next Steps

  1.  A full summary report will be sent to the NRIs mailing list.
  2. IGF Secretariat will inform the NRIs about the outcomes of the MAG meeting related to Call for Issues.
  3. Next meeting: Next meeting will be hosted during the first half of February. A doodle poll will be sent one week before the proposed meeting options.
  4.  For any suggestions or questions regarding the Report, kindly contact the IGF Secretariat, NRIs Focal Point at: [email protected].org.


AGENDA: Virtual Meeting I

  1. Welcome and Introductions (5 min)
  2. Report on newly joined NRIs (5 min)
  3. Feedback to the work of NRIs during IGF 2019 (visual presentation of Call for Feedback results) and setting NRIs objectives for IGF 2020 (30 min)
  4. Youth IGF Initiatives and collective objectives for 2020 (10 min)
  5. NRIs Compendium and formatted outputs of NRIs 2019 sessions (15 min)
  6. ‘NRIs Library’ on the IGF Website (10 min)
  7. Redesign of NRIs pages at IGF website (10 min)
  8. AoB

 (in alphabetical order[2]):

  1. Adam Ahmat Doungous
  2. Afia Faith, Togo
  3. African Union Commission representative
  4. Agita Pasaribu, Youth IGF Movement
  5. Alberto Diaz Durana, HEDERA Sustainable Solutions
  6. Alexei Marciuc, Moldova IGF
  7. Amadou A. Bah
  8. Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat
  9. Arthur Oyako, AFRINIC
  10. Barrack Otieno, Kenya IGF
  11. Bekaye CISSÉ
  12. Busingye Nurudin
  13. Caleb Ogundele, Nigeria IGF
  14. Concettina Cassa, Italian IGF
  15. Cristina Morales Angulo, Nicaragua IGF
  16. De Chester Manda
  17. Dusan Caf, Slovenia IGF
  18. Dustin Loup, IGF-USA
  19. Emmanuel Dusabe
  20. Emmanuel Mfitumukiza
  21. Eva Christina Andersson
  22. Fanny Salyou, Ivory Coast IGF
  23. Fotjon Kosta, Albania IGF
  24. Fred Clark, Guatemala IGF
  25. Harimino
  26. Innousa Traore, Burkina Faso IGF
  27. Joshua Joshua
  28. Judith Hellerstein
  29. June Parris, Barbados IGF
  30. Karim Attoumani Mohamed
  31. Khouzeifi Issakha, Youth IGF CHAD
  32. Lianna Galstyan, Armenia IGF
  33. Lily
  34. Lucien Castex, France IGF
  35. Mahamat Haroun
  36. Mahamat Silim
  37. Mahen Busgopaul, Mauritius IGF
  38. Mary Uduma, Nigeria IGF and West African IGF
  39. Melinda Clem, IGF-USA
  40. Milton Cabral
  41. Montreuil Kindy Vereus
  42. Muriel Alipini, Benin IGF
  43. Nime Chamsa Al Marif
  44. Nyadak Ajawin, South Sudan IGF
  45. Obed Sindy, Haiti IGF
  46. Oksana Prykhodko, Ukraine IGF
  47. Owen Iyoha, Nigeria
  48. Paul Rowney, Namibia IGF
  49. Peter Koch, German IGF
  50. Predrag Tasevski, N. Macedonia IGF
  51. Priyatosh Jana
  52. Rabie Bouyahiaoui
  53. Rakotondrainibe
  54. Roberto Zambrana, Bolivia IGF
  55. Rowena Schoo, United Kingdom IGF
  56. Shadrach Ankrah
  57. Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Nepal
  58. Silué Yacouba, IGF Côte d'Ivoire
  59. Sorina Teleanu, SEEDIG
  60. Suada Hadzovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  61. Suzete Centeio
  62. Tamsir Sallah
  63. Taylor Bentley
  64. Tracy F. Hackshaw, Trinidad and Tobago IGF
  65. Vinicius Santos, Brazil IGF
  66. Wai Min Kwok, UN DESA
  67. Waqas Hassan, Pakistan IGF
  68. Xin-Dee
  69. Yuliya Morenets,_TaC



  1. Results of the NRIs Call for Feedback on IGF 2019 work:
  2. Youth Engagement at the IGF:


[2] Names indicates as participants have identified in the Zoom online participation tool.

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