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The IGF NRIs Toolkit: available here 

In case there is a need within one respective community to organize an IGF, this Toolkit can assist in establishing the IGF initiative. It was developed by the existing IGF initiatives for the IGF initiatives.

As a result of the continuous collaboration of all NRIs, the Toolkit stands as an advisory document. It consists of relevant guidelines on how to establish an IGF initiative and it explains the main IGF principles that need to be followed and applied in the overall work. It reflects the internal organization of the initiatives and relationship between the NRIs and the IGF. The first edition of the formatted Toolkit is available here.


IGF 2016 Preparatory Work to develope the IGF NRIs Toolkit

A Working Group composed of NRIs representatives and interested members was established. 

In order for the work to be coordinated between the Secretariat, Working Group and NRIs network, virtual meetings are being hosted. Below Meeting Summary Reports will help to stay informed about the work done so far.

- 1st Virtual Meeting: 4 August 2016

- 2nd Virtual Meeting: 14 September 2016

The extensive work was done at the shared platform, before the final draft was submitted to the NRIs, where it was available at the IGF Review Platform for public consultations for seven weeks.


Additional IGF 2016 NRIs resources:

IGF 2016 NRIs brocuhure

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In case you would like to know more about the above described work, kindly contact the IGF Secretariat at: [email protected]

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