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[IGF2016] Developing the NRIs Toolkit and an Info Manual

In a consultation with the NRIs network, the IGF is currently working on developing two publications that will reflect the established procedures for organizing an IGF initiative, relevant NRIs working processes and organizational structures. 

- Toolkit consists of relevant guidelines on how to establish an IGF initiative and it explains the main IGF principles that need to be followed and applied in the overall work. It reflects the internal organization of the initiatives and relationship between the NRIs and the IGF. The final version, subject to public consultations among the NRIs is available on the IGF review platform, here.

- Info Manual will be focused on gathering contributions on NRIs work and sharing good practices, along with ideas and recommendations for future improvements. 

A Working Group composed of NRIs representatives and interested members is established. 

In order for the work to be coordinated between the Secretarat, Working Group and NRIs network, virtual meetings are being hosted. Below Meeting Summary Reports will help to stay informed about the work done so far.

- 1st Virtual Meeting: 4 August 2016

- 2nd Virtual Meeting: 14 September 2016

- 3rd Virtual Meeting: 21 November 2016

- 4th Virtual Meeting: 29 November 2016



In case you would like to know more about the above described work, kindly contact the IGF Secretariat at:


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