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Regoje, Nebojša

Nebojša Regoje is Head of the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). Prior to joining government services, Mr. Regoje was committed to the career in engineering, after gaining BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sarajevo, B&H and being appointed Assistant to the Professor at his alma mater. His career was broken by the war in his country in 1992. He entered the United Nations missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and he served for the UN until 2001 when he joined his country's foreign service as the Counsellor in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Jakarta, Indonesia where he stayed until 2005. Upon the return to the MFA HQ, he was appointed the Head of the PR Office and he served until 2008 when he left MFA to continue education. He received MA in Management (Public Administration Reform) from the University of the West of England in Bristol and returned to the MFA to be appointed Head of the Planning and Information Department serving until 2012 when Mr. Regoje was reappointed to his present position.
Mr. Regoje has been actively interested in the Internet governance since 2010. He was a participant on several IG forums, including the Seventh Annual IGF Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2012, EuroDIG 2011 in Belgrade and  EuroDIG 2012 in Stockholm, and SEEDIG 2016 in Belgrade. As an online participant and one of the organisers of a remote hub, Mr. Regoje followed also EuroDIG 2010 in Madrid and EuroDIG 2013 in Lisbon. He was a member of the working group preparing an EuroDIG statement on Net Neutrality in preparation of EuroDIG 2015 in Sofia. He enthusiastically take part in organisation of a national IGF of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first of which was organised in 2015.
Mr. Regoje is one of the founding members of the Association of the Government Communicators in South-East Europe (SEECOM) and a member of the SEECOM Steering Board since 2015.

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