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Survey for active DCs

Survey for active Dynamic Coalitions


In 2021, the Dynamic Coalition Coordination Group (DCCG) and the IGF Secretariat are developing a paper to document Dynamic Coalitions (DCs) experiences and look into how they could be improved (in terms of internal work, coordination, feeding into the broader IGF processes, etc.). The initial step in this work is a survey dedicated to activate DCs and meant to help shed light into what makes DCs both similar and different, as well as identify potential good practices and challenges.

We invite DCs to respond to this survey by filling out the form below by 2 May 2021 25 April 2021. Each DC is expected to develop the responses in a collaborative manner, with the involvement of its members.

The survey questions are also available as a .doc file and a .pdf file. You can use these to prepare your responses before submitting them via the online form.

Note: If you have an IGF Community account, you can load your profile data in the form below and even keep a draft before submitting. (If you do not have an IGF Community account yet, you can create one now and re-access this form – and any other in the future – with your profile data).

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General info
DC objectives, governance and work modalities
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DCs activities and outputs
DC coordination
The DCCG includes representatives of all interested DCs and meets periodically to discuss matters of relevance for DCs.
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DCs within the IGF framework
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DC relations with the IGF Secretariat *
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DCs and the future of the IGF
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