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The Preparatory Process of The Third IGF Meeting: Hyderabad, India

Invitation to the third IGF meeting by Under-Secretary-General Sha Zukang. 

A list of FAQs on the Hyderabad meeting is available here.

A presentation given by the host country, showing the venue and giving information about the city can be viewed here. [ odp ] [ pdf ] [ ppt ]

The Preparatory Process

The MAG met on 17-18 September 2008 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. A summary report of the meeting is available. [ pdf ]

The final version of the programme paper for the Hyderabad meeting is available. [rtf] [pdf]

The MAG meeting followed a round of open consultations on 16 September 2008.

The full transcript of the consultations and the agenda for the meeting are now available. [rtf] [pdf]

Webcast for the meetings is also available:


A paper with a timeline referred under Agenda Item 4 is available here.

A live Webcast of the open consultations was made available for remote participants. The archive of the meeting will be made available shortly.

A new revision of the paper on the programme, agenda and format of the Hyderabad meeting reflecting the process so far is available, incorporating comments received by 15 August. [ pdf ] [ rtf ]

Contributions submitted as an input into the 16 September consultations are available. 

A revised list of the submitted proposals for workshops and open forums can be viewed here. More details about the workshops are available.

The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) held a meeting on 14-15 May, to prepare the Hyderabad meeting. A summary of the meeting is available here.

The meeting followed a second round of open consultations which took place in Geneva on 13 May, as part of the WSIS cluster of events.

The transcript of the proceedings of the 13 May open consultations is available.

The archives of the webcast are also available :

Audio only

The agenda for the meeting is available here.

A paper on the programme agenda and format of the Hyderabad meeting was made available as an input into the open consultations. 

A discussion thread is also available in the Forum Section.

A first preparatory meeting took place on 26 February. The full transcript of the proceedings is available.

The archive of the open consultation Web cast in English and French can be accessed here. (The VLC player is the recommended player).

The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) met on 27-28 February 2008 in a closed session. The summary report of its February meeting is available here.

Digests of the discussion held within the MAG are available on the Forum Section on a regular basis.

A paper reflecting a synthesis of all contributions for the February 2008 open consultations, received by the stipulated deadline is available. 

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