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Working Group on Workshop Process (WG-WSP)

An IGF MAG working group to support the process of reviewing and evaluating workshop proposals for the annual meeting has been approved by the MAG. [*Working Group formerly titled "Working Group on Workshop Review and Evaluation Process - WG-WREP"]

This group is open to the IGF community and can be joined by subscribing at:

WG-WSP Reports

WG-WREP 2018 Status Report

WG-WSP Meeting Summaries

Virtual Meeting III, 6th May 2020

Virtual Meeting II, 22nd April 2020

Virtual Meeting I, 21st March 2020 

Virtual Meeting VI - 16 April 2019

Virtual Meeting V - 21 March 2019

Virtual Meeting IV - 12 March 2019

Virtual Meeting III - 1 March 2019

Virtual Meeting II - 26 February 2019

Virtual Meeting I - 20 February 2019

2018 -

Virtual Meeting I - 28 May 2018

WG-WSP Documents

Proposal for Modification to the Workshop Review and Evaluation Process - IGF 2017


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