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Preparing the IGF 2020 Youth Summit and other activities: Understanding youth’s thematic priorities

Preparing the IGF 2020 Youth Summit

Public consultations for understanding youth’s thematic priorities

During the IGF 2020 annual meeting, a Youth Summit will be organised. This Summit will build on the ‎last year’s Youth Summit outputs organised during the 14th IGF in Berlin. Through the interactive dialogue ‎of youth representing all regions and disciplines, the Summit will hopefully identify youth’s Internet ‎governance priorities, concerns and ideas for ways forward. In addition to the youth summit, several ‎networking opportunities will be organised with senior stakeholders, following the youth’s thematic ‎priorities.‎

This form asks young people from all parts of the world to advise on what they see as a thematic ‎priority to be discussed during the IGF 2020. The form offers multiple choices, drawing upon youth ‎interests at IGF 2019 and overall thematic priorities of IGF 2020.‎ 

Everyone up to 35 years old is most welcome to respond until 15 September.‎

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For more information about the IGF 2020 Youth Engagement, please consult:

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