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Received Day 0 Events

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IGF 2019 Pre-Event #1 GIGANET

Missions Publiques

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #2 Global Citizens' Debate on the Future of Internet

UNESCO (jointly with 10 multi-stakeholder co-organizors)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #3 Improving evidence-based Internet policies: UNESCO calls for your support of national assessments using the R.O.A.M.-X Indicator

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #5 As a stakeholder in the digital transformation, can civil society make its voice heard?

Internet Society

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #6 Collaborative Leadership Exchange

Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #7 Media Development and Internet Governance Symposium

Microsoft Germany GmbH

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #9 The Clash of Codes. Conflicts of Laws in Government Data Access and How to Resolve Them

FGV Law School

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #10 Internet Commons Forum

European Schoolnet/ Insafe

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #11 How is life in the digital age treating us? Opportunities and risks for people’s well-being

eco – Association of the Internet Industry

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #12 Needs of SMEs for the Internet of the future – A dialogue between SMEs, the Internet industry & the IGF Community


IGF 2019 Pre-Event #13 Open and Free and What - Visions for the Future of the Internet

De Natris Consult

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #14 Consolidation of the Internet. Chance or challenge?

Internet Society (ISOC) Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee (ChAC-SC)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #15 The European Copyright Directive and its Impact on Free Speech and Creativity on the Internet

International Alumni Center gGmbH

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #16 Tackling Online Harassment of Women Journalists

Gesellschaft für Informatik

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #17 Youth IGF Summit

5Rights Foundation

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #18 Children’s Rights in the Digital World – A Case for Internet Governance

Just Net Coalition

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #19 Equity and Social Justice in a Digital World

Stiftung Neue Verantwortung e.V.

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #20 Strengthening the multi-stakeholder approach on international norms in cyberspace

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #21 Artificial Intelligence in Africa – Between Ethical Challenges and Technical Opportunities


IGF 2019 Pre-Event #22 The promise of safety and security in the digital world

Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association EMA in collaboration with the federal agency AWE (Agentur für Wirtschaft & Entwicklung)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #23 The 3rd German-Arab Forum on the Digital Economy

Otherwise Network

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #24 Otherwise Salon: Graphs & Sovereignty

University College Dublin

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #25 TEAM - Technology Enabled Mental Health

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #26 Video (Testimonial) of the president of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Knowledge Cafe

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #27 Impact of Fakenews in Asia

Knowledge Cafe

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #28 Get-Quick-Rich Internet is ruining youth career


IGF 2019 Pre-Event #29 Digital and state sovereignty in the internet

Council of Europe

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #31 AI and discrimination – whose problem is it?

William J. Drake, Euro-SSIG/Medienstadt Leipzig,,, & the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #32 NETmundial+5: The Legacy and Implications for Future Internet Governance

Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #33 Better Data Governance for Smarter City Mobility

International Chamber of Commerce; The Walt Disney Company

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #34 IGF crash-course on emerging technologies

Freedom Online Coalition

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #35 Informal Meeting of the Freedom Online Coalition

Committee on the Digital Agenda, German Bundestag

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #36 Parliamentary perspective and opportunities for action

Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ATRA)

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #37 Landlocked Countries: Turning a Weakness into an Opportunity

Pew Research Center and Elon University

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #38 Imagining the Next ‎‎50 Years of Digital Life‎

Missions Publiques

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #39 Come and experiment the Global Citizens' Debate on the Future of Internet


IGF 2019 Pre-Event #40 The evolving ecosystem: ICANN's role in the security and stability of the Internet.

Open-Xchange + OpenForum Europe

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #41 Leaving Hotel California: promoting alternatives to the Internet giants

Derechos Digitales

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #42 Technology and Surveillance in Latin America: Towards Human Rights Standars

Global Partners Digital

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #43 Civil society coordination meeting

MyData Global

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #45 "GDPR - after more than one year: how to make it happen?"

Gesellschaft für Informatik 

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #46 IGF Onboarding: the intersection of technical development of the Internet and policy

Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research at York University

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #47 Protecting Public Health Online: Shadow Regulation & Access to Medicines

Internet Society India Chennai

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #49 Civil Society Reunion

Universitas Indonesia

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #50 Ethics for the Young Digital Talents in the era of AI

NTRA, Egypt

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #51 -- IGF Regional Dialogue: Overcoming Barriers to Meaningful Participation in the MENA Region


IGF 2019 Pre-Event #52 IGF LAC Space

Africa Open Data and Internet Research Foundation

IGF 2019 Pre-Event #53 Electricity, Community Networks and Digital Inclusion: The case of the underserved communities

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