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Polish Day 0 Events

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Digital Poland Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #51 Technology and climate change. Will the technology help us cope with climate change, which causes its rapid development.

Digital Poland Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #52 Tech 4 Society - How to build an inclusive and open society for everyone, especially for disabled people.

Digital Poland Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #53 Digital Festivals, Digital Weeks, Digital Days – how to engange with citizens and talk about digitalisation?(Digital Poland Foun

IAB Poland

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #54 Digitisation of the economy and society - an antidote to the international economic crisis?

IAB Poland

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #55 Taxing the digital economy - how to do it fairly?


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #56 Internet - safety and development of children and young people - educational, social and legal consequences


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #57 Smart City – Smart People. Do we know how to ensure our security?

Maciej Gron

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #58 Hacking on the light side of the force - How to use CTF competitions to develop competences in security and internet technologies

Jagiellonian University/Cracow's Institute of Criminal Law

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #60 How much state intervention in the Internet? The limits of criminalization of fake news by the state

Instrat Foundation & Wikimedia Belgium

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #61 Data for Good AI: How to create data governance model that fosters socially beneficial AI?

Instrat Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #62 Digital Sovereignty for States, Nations or Users? An insight on the Polish Charter of Digital Sovereignty

Panoptykon Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #63 Aiming for AI explainability: lessons from the field

Polish Economic Institute

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #64 Sharing of personal data during pandemic

Freedom Online Coalition

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #65 Promoting Rights-Respecting AI: a Call for Action from the Freedom Online Coalition

WUD Silesia

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #66 Various dimensions of technological exclusion in Polish schools.

Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), Poland

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #67 The importance of digital skills amid the COVID-19 pandemic


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #68 E-patronage. The digital emanation of civil society. How does Patronite change Polish culture and media?

Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Hans Bredow Institute, Humboldt-Institute for Internet and Society

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #69 Internet Diverse - People United!

National Centre for Research and Development

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #70 Internet influencers and the competences of the future - can social media be a source of scientific knowledge?

National Centre for Research and Development

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #71 Policy of European countries towards shaping the competences of the future in the era of COVID-19 pandemic

Stanisław Lem Institute

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #72 Trust by design. How to make sure that Internet is safe for everyone?

Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, MyData, The Commons Network

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #73 Shared Digital – how to build a Public Civic Online Ecosystem

Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #74 Openness as a reponse to the crisis - open digital initiatives in the time of the pandemic.

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #75 Opportunities of the future and the development of startups - the experience of ecosystems


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #76 Public Private Partnership in the field of Cybersecurity - Paris Call

Microsoft and Centrum Cyfrowe

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #77 Digital Sustainability Forum – a CEE initiative to support tech sustainability.

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #78 Digital wellbeing and economy of attention - does the new normality change anything?

Society of Authors ZAiKS

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #79 How culture went virtual in the face of pandemic and what are the consequences

Society of Authors ZAiKS

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #80 Content recognition tools. Novelty? Reality? Necessity? Danger?

Society of Authors ZAiKS

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #81 Creativity and responsibility online

Stanislaw Lem Institute

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #82 How not to build a future society? Using data correctly to build a prosperous world for everyone

The Stanislaw Lem

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #83 Agile State - opportunities and threats. How is the role of the state changing in the digital reality?

Digital future for everyone. How to effectively fight digital exclusion?

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #84 The Stanislaw Lem Institute

ePaństwo Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #85 How to tackle discrimination by AI-enabled technologies? The potential of existing regulatory frameworks and AIAs

GovTech Poland - Chancellery of the Prime Minister Office

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #86 Game Jam Opening Ceremony


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #87 21st century technologies for mobility in metropolitan areas as value added for cities and users

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