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2017-2018 IGF Stocktaking Contributions

Contributions are listed in the order received:

-Avis Momeni

-Maureen Hilyard - Asia Pacific regional IGF (APrIGF)

-Gustavo Cervantes Montero - Universidad de Oriente, Cuba

-Shredeep Rayamajhi - RayZ News

-Maarten Botterman - IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet of Things (DC-IoT) 

-Jorge Cancio - Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), Switzerland

-Dominic Bellone - Counterpart International

-Ginger (Virginia) Paque

-Amrita Choudhury - Cyber Café Association of India (CCAOI)

-Nadira Al-Araj

-N. Sudha Bhuvaneswari

-Rizki Ameliah H. Cawidu - Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Indonesia

-Joash Ntenga Moitui - Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies

-Morgan Frost - Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) / National Democratic Institute (NDI) / Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA)

-Wout De Natris [Summary] [Full Report]

-Vanessa Berning - Netherlands IGF

-Markus Kummer

-Susan Chalmers - United States Government

-Luca Belli - Center for Technology and Society of Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School (CTS/FGV)

-Kenta Mochizuki

-Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), Mexico

-Andrea Saks, Kaoru Mizuno - IGF Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD)

-Krishna Kumar - IGF Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG)

-Peter Koch - Deutsches Network Information Center (DENIC) eG

-Nigel Hickson - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

-Esmeralda Moscatelli - IGF Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL)

-Raquel Gatto - Internet Society (ISOC)

-Mariam Barata - Indonesia IGF

-Jong Hyuk Ro - Microsoft

-Timea Suto - International Chamber of Commerce-Business Action to Support the Information Society (ICC-BASIS)

-Anriette Esterhuysen - Association for Progressive Communications (APC)


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