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DC Meeting Slots at IGF 2016

All Dynamic Coalitions were invited to submit their requests for individual meeting slots at IGF 2016 by emailing the Secretariat (at emazzucchi[at]unog[dot]ch) by Monday 20 June.

DCs have traditionally used individual sessions as opportunities to meet face-to-face and discuss or present their particular DC theme, and they can be formatted as the DC sees fit. The standard duration for a DC session this year has not been determined, as programme needs are still being assessed.

Requesters should kindly note the eligibility requirement posted on the IGF's website - namely that a DC send to the Secretariat a yearly report or output as an indication of its activity. DCs which have produced outputs over the course of 2015 may be considered as having fulfilled this requirement. 

Reminder: requests to the Secretariat for meeting slots constitute applications. Slots for all DCs cannot be guaranteed.


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