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IGF 2017 Attendance & Programme Statistics

The 12th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2017) took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 December 2017.

The programme included 4 host country and ceremonial sessions; 8 main/special sessions; 99 workshops; 45 open forums; 4 individual BPF sessions; 15 individual DC sessions; 8 individual NRIs sessions; 13 sessions classified as “other”; 24 lightning sessions; and 40 Day 0 events; for a total of 260 sessions in the overall programme (220 if Day 0 events are not counted). 55 booths were featured in the IGF Village.

The meeting was attended by 2019 onsite participants*, from 142 countries, representing all stakeholder groups and regions.

[*The figure for onsite participants may be as high as 2219, as delegates based in Geneva with pre-existing access to UNOG may not have gone through the regular badging process.]

32 remote hubs were organised around the world, with 1661 stakeholders participating online. The largest number of online participants came from the following countries: United States, Switzerland, Nigeria, China, India, Brazil, France, United Kingdom and Mexico.

The charts below illustrate the breakdowns of onsite participants and estimates for online participants by stakeholder group, region and gender.

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