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IGF 2021 MAG Virtual Meeting XII

Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 - 15:00 to 17:00 UTC
Hosted by IGF Secretariat

Input documents:

BPF Cybersecurity Status

BPF Gender & Digital Rights


BREAKOUT GROUP TASKS: AGREE ON A FACILITATOR AND RAPPORTEUR 1.                                                            

1. The goal of the preparatory phase is two-fold: outreach to maximise
inclusivity and participation in the IGF (e.g. with sessions in different
languages and time zones) and, to help achieve the goal of a more
focused and impactful IGF with specific issues discussed in greater
depth. Keeping this goal in mind

- What do you like about the prep phase?

- What would you change, and how?

- Any other suggestions.

2. MAG members need to work in issue teams for the next phase of their
work which involves organising sessions that form part of the
preparatory phase, and leading into main and / or concluding sessions at
the annual forum in Katowice. The idea is that these teams are led by
MAG members, but are open to others in the IGF community, particularly
but not only from NRIs, BPFs, DCs, PNs. Please refer to the draft issue
teams TOR

- What do you feel is the best way of forming these groups? To use the
groups that worked on the initial issue descriptions? To continue in the
workshop evaluation groups? Or, to form new groups
based on interest?

- At what point do you feel these groups should be opened up to people
from outside the MAG? From the outset, or once the MAG members in the
issue team has developed proposals to share and get feedback on?

- Any other comments or questions about this phase of the MAG's work and
on the draft TOR.

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