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IGF 2021 Newsletter: July 2021

IGF Newsletter: July 2021

In this Newsletter 

IGF 2021 Programme

The IGF 2021 process is composed of a preparatory and engagement phase and the 16th annual IGF, hosted by the Government of Poland in Katowice from 6 to 10 December 2021 under the overarching theme ‘Internet United’
The preparatory and engagement phase will include several sessions and engagement opportunities linked to IGF 2021 issue areas, as well as to the intersessional work and NRIs, ‎and include opportunities to develop capacity in Internet governance and IGF-related processes.‎
The issue-focused programme of the 16th IGF in Katowice features different types of sessions organized by various stakeholders from different regions. Visit the IGF website, learn which sessions are selected through a competitive evaluation process and start building your own personal IGF 2021 schedule.


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Register for IGF 2021

All stakeholders wishing to participate in IGF 2021, including its preparatory and engagement phase, as well as the 16th IGF in Katowice, are required to register through the IGF website.

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IGF 2021 Travel Support

To strengthen digital inclusion in IGF 2021, the IGF Secretariat has issued a call for applications for travel support. Eligible candidates are invited to apply until 31 August.
Travel to Poland
IGF 2021 participants need to ensure to meet the travel requirements. This relates to having all the necessary travel documents and respecting applicable procedures. It is advised to regularly check the Host Country website and the website of the Republic of Poland’s travel coronavirus information and recommendations:

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IGF 2021 Music Night

The 16th IGF will include several social events. The traditional Music Night will be one of those and you can also be part of it! 

If you play musical instrument and/or sing, express your interest to participate until 15 September 2021.

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Intersessional work

Policy Network on Environment (PNE)
The PNE Multistakeholder Working Group identified their priority areas, including environmental data; food and water security; supply chain transparency & circularity and overarching Issues. Join the open public meetings and contribute. Join the mailing list!
Policy Network on Meaningful Access (PNMA)
The 25 high-profile experts of the PNMA multistakeholder working group are working on unfolding ways to achieve meaningful and universal Internet access aligned with the Secretary-General's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals. Join the mailing list!
Best Practice Forum Cybersecurity on the use of norms to foster trust and security
The work-streams of the BPF Cybersecurity on the use of norms to foster trust and security focus on the drivers of cyber norms; testing norms concepts against Internet events and BPF outreach. Join the mailing list!
Best Practice Forum on Gender and Digital Rights
The BPF Gender and Digital Rights continues to explore the concept of gendered disinformation in a series of learning sessions with experts and guest speakers. Join the mailing list!
Dynamic Coalitions (DCs)
DCs continue working on the paper exploring their role within the IGF ecosystem, and on organizing sessions at IGF 2021. Also, at the invitation of the MAG Working Group on Strengthening and Strategy, DCs have provided a series of comments on the group’s proposals on strategic improvements to the IGF
National, Regional and Youth IGF initiatives (NRIs)
137 NRIs continue planning their sessions at IGF 2021. Also, they work on exploring ways to support engagement of parliamentarians in their IGF-like processes. A brochure on the matter was produced, available in 5 different languages. Individually, NRIs host their annual meetings mostly in a hybrid format. At the time of this newsletter, the West African IGF and Brazilian IGF are underway. Visit the IGF calendar and find out more.

For Your Action!

  • Coming to Katowice for the 16th annual IGF?
    Let us know via this quick poll if you will participate onsite or online.
  • Register for IGF 2021
    Make sure to register for the IGF 2021 as soon as possible, regardless if you will participate online or onsite in Katowice.
  • Apply for travel support 
    Submit your application until 31 August.
  • Register your remote hub
    Organize your network’s participation in your city, home or office. Register remote hubs until 20 September.

Key dates and deadlines

10 August, 15:00 UTC    IGF 2021 MAG Virtual Meeting XV
18 August, 07:30 UTC    PNE MWG Meeting
19 August, 15:00 UTC    BPF Cybersecurity Update Meeting
31 August, 23:59 UTC    Apply for IGF 2021 Travel Support


See also: Full IGF calendar

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