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Participate in IGF Meetings: how to request the Floor?

IGF meeting attendees have the option to register as onsite or online participants - or both. An onsite, but also online simultaneously registered participant is able to take advantage of both, formal discussions in the room and virtual chat discussions.

When a meeting is running, both types of registered participants have access to our common and open Floor Request system to facilitate their interventions in in-room discussions. Therefore, both types of attendance have the same priority to ask for and take the floor.

Of course, in case of a Virtual meeting (for example, during inter-sessional activities) only the online participation is happening, but our Floor Request system can be still used by all participants.

Please see the instructions and explanation for the Floor Request system below:

  • To access the Floor Request system and see the current speaking queue, please click on any of the left-side links below, according to the room where the meeting is happening. (You may be asked to log in to the website with your registration credentials).
  • When you have accessed the system, you will see the current speaking queue at the left, and a short form with your name and a Hand Up button at the right. To ask for the floor, please click on the Hand Up button. (In special cases, the form may have some additional identifying options based on your registration status -if you are a MAG member or remote hub representative, for example-).
  • Once you have requested to speak, you will appear in the queue and you will not be able to make a new request until your intervention is overNote: If you are in the queue, but decide you do not want to speak and would like to be removed, you can click into your request and select "Decline to speak for now" and your request will be taken out of the queue and hold in the right side of the screen. The request can similarly be edited again if you want to be put back into the queue.
  • The public view of each room's queue is also available from the right-side links below, without the need to login. They display floor requests in the order received. 
Access the Floor Request System in a new page See the current Speaking Queue in a new page
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