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Resource Persons


* What is a resource person?

Resource persons are experts in the field of Internet Governance who volunteer to join the IGF meeting as support persons or speakers for workshops and other sessions. Since every session should achieve a balance of speakers in terms of stakeholder group, gender and geographic affiliation, resource persons can be called upon by organizers to help them fulfill the said criteria.

Resource persons can also be invited to join a session if a scheduled speaker withdraws.


* Workshop & other session proposers/organizers - How to invite a resource person?

IGF session proposers/organizers who wish to improve the balance of their session or reach a particular resource person, can access the list of resource persons here (the list is viewable only if you have already created an IGF Community profile). Those resource persons who have agreed to be contacted will have a messaging feature in their profile. 


* Prospective resource persons - How to be publicly listed and contacted?

Individuals who wish to be listed as a resource person should create an IGF Community user profile. Once all registration steps are followed, a clikcable checkbox will appear to "List Me as a Resource Person". Within their cutomizable profile, a resource person has the option to activate the messaging feature that allows them to be contacted.




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