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Youth at IGF 2020

The IGF Secretariat in cooperation with the next year's IGF Host Country, Government of Poland and Polish Research and Academic Computer Network -  NASK , is committed to engaging youth in the IGF 2020 processes.

The overall engagement structure will develop around:

  • Outreach toward youth to get involved in the IGF 2020 intersessional work activities (BPFs, DCs)
  • Participation in the IGF's open consultations focused on organising the IGF 2020 annual meeting
  • Updating and advancing the existing publication on Youth Engagement at the IGF
  • Networking opportunities at the IGF 2020
  • Global Youth Summit at the 15th IGF 

IGF 2020 public open consultations with youth

Throughout 2020, there will be several open online consultations with youth and those interested in supporting and working with youth. The consultations will focus on the youth advising how the above-referenced engagement structure could be implemented.

The consultations will be run through the NRIs mailing list and open webinars.

First Outreach Webinar on Youth Engagement in IGF 2020

The first open consultations with youth were conducted on 11 May through an open webinar. The Polish Ministry for Digital Affairs, NASK and the IGF Secretariat, engaged in a vivid dialogue with over 165 youth and those interested in youth engagement in the IGF. The discussion focused on an exchange of good practices and challenges various countries and regions face while aiming to engage youth in digital policy matters. The Host particularly took note of the topics that are of interest to participants and effective forms of activities. In the coming days, the Host will share the first outline of the proposed structure of the youth-focused activities at the IGF 2020 and invite interested stakeholders on feedback through the second round of online public consultations.

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