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  1. BPF on BPFs

    ... past Best Practice Forums (BPFs) to enhance future BPF work: a "BPF on BPFs"   The BPF on BPFs reviewed the IGF Best ...


  2. BPF on Local Content

    ... HERE . THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED the BPF session during the Berlin IGF A special thank you to all the ... a result of political and social shifts and upheaval, the BPF put out a call for contributions to help understand and expose challenges, ...


  3. BPF Cybersecurity

    ... of norms to foster trust and security   The BPF Cybersecurity 2021 on the use of norms to foster trust and security, ... mitigating adverse cybersecurity events.  ( MAG Agreed BPF proposal  ) VOLUNTEERS  The BPF is ...


  4. BPFs Outputs

    ... 2014 Best Practice Forums   BPF Output Documents All of the tangible outcomes from the IGF’s BPFs are published as follows: BPF Topic 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 ...


  5. BPF Gender and Access

    ... NEW ] Final output report available The BPF Gender 2020 is pleased to present its final output report –"Gender ... Forum" , published on 2 December 2020.    BPF meeting at IGF 2020 The BPF Gender meeting at IGF 2020 took ...


  6. BPF IPv6 - Understanding the commercial and economic incentives behind a successful IPv6 deployment (2016)

    ... of IPv6 Deployment , RIPE Labs Blog, 21 Feb 2017 BPF on IPv6 workshop at the 11th IGF meeting BPF on IPv6 workshop at the 11 th IGF meeting 7 December 2016, ...


  7. BPF Cybersecurity (2019)

    ... to recent International Cybersecurity Initiatives. The BPF analysed existing initiatives such as the Paris Call, the GCSC’s Six ... implementation of suggested measures.  BPF  Report 2019 IGF2019 BPF Cybersecurity final output ...


  8. BPF Gender and Access (2016)

    [NEWS] BPF GENDER PARTNERS WITH ITU & UN WOMEN'S EQUALS CAMPAIGN The BPF is collaborating with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and ... with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. [OUTPUT] BPF's final output resource now published! The BPF's final output ...


  9. BPF on Local Content

    ... NEW ] Final output report available The BPF Local Content is pleased to present its final output report – ... , published on 2 December 2020.    BPF meeting at IGF 2020 The BPF Local Content meeting at IGF 2020 ...


  10. BPF Cybersecurity

    ... cybersecurity initiatives   BPF  Cybersecurity output document download the report  ... Agreements   BPF Cybersecurity session at IGF 2020 Tuesday, 17 November, ...



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