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  1. Summary Report: IGF MAG Meeting and Open Consultations 4-6 April 2016

    ... taken that NRI’s, BPFs, DCs, and intersessional work on CNB Phase II would be given space to hold main/thematic sessions at the ... Link to Document:  Summary Report: IGF ...


  2. Social Media at IGF 2015

    ... Sustainable Development Main Session # CNB , #Intersessional, #access IGF Intersessional Work: Policy ...


  3. NRIs Virtual Meeting VIab, 23 and 27 May 2016

    ... of the work on the Connecting the Next Billion- Phase II ( CNB II), was explained in line with the need for the NRI’s to send their ... 10. Participants were informed that this year CNB II project will be more focused on how to leverage the impact of the last ...


  4. NRIs Virtual Meeting IIab, 15 February 2016

    ... output oriented (follow ‘Connecting the Next Billion ( CNB )’ methodology) More outreach by both Secretariat and by N/RIs ...


  5. NRIs Virtual Meeting Iab, 21 January 2016

    ... during the engagement in ‘Connecting the Next Billion ( CNB )’ methodology. In line with this, it was noted that many of the N/RIs ... 10 National Initiatives submitted their contributions to the CNB, as showed at the IGF website, here]. The participants supported the ...


  6. NRIs Virtual Meeting V, 19 April 2016

    ... project on Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion ( CNB ), this was discussed related to the NRIs views and input. [2015 output ... expecting  a written proposals on the continuation of the CNB project to be submitted. The proposal will be a subject for commenting and ...


  7. Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s) – Phase III

    ... “Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion” ( CNB track), starting a new methodology to build the policy recommendations ...


  8. IGF 2017 - Day 3 - Room IX - Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity

    ... few volunteers in the group do a detailed risk analysis of CNB Phase I and two.  I particularly would like to thank Andrew McComak, ... by Andrew and a few other volunteers to assess the CNB Phase I and two policy recommendations.  We asked everyone who submitted ...

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  9. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - IV

    ... ongoing discussions and calls and constant dialogue.  The CNB is made more first, it's now related to the SDGs so it has, I'm going to ... on the deliverables.  But, now, finally, on this year's CNB and why it is important to do this evaluation on connecting the next ...

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  10. IGF 2016 - Day 4 - Room 4 - IGF Newcomers Track

    ... The issues are so different. How you can engage the CNB has its own work teams as the best practices.  You can contact the ...

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