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  1. IGF 2017 - Day 3 - Room IX - WS167 Internet Governance in Times of the Digital Economy

    ... Day 3 - Room IX - WS167 Internet Governance in Times of the Digital Economy · Get the Report of the Session HERE ...

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  2. IGF 2018 NRI Session on Digital Economy

    ... Panel - Title: IGF 2018 NRI Session on Digital Economy (“Developing regional, national and local digital economy ...

    NRI Session

  3. Classified List of Contributions

    ... Billion” GSMA Global Mobile Economy Report 2014 Telefonica Barriers to Internet ... and boosting growth: the infrastructure needs of digital economy Iberoamerican Federation of IT Associations ...


  4. IGF 2017 WS #50 "Data is the New Oil": Shaping the Digital Economy of MENA

    Short Title:  "Data is the New Oil": Shaping the Digital Economy of MENA Proposer's Name: Mr. Ali AlMeshal ...


  5. IGF 2019 WS #176 Platform Entrepreneurship for a More Diverse Digital Economy

    Theme:  Digital Inclusion Subtheme(s):  Design for Inclusion ... Policy Question(s):  How can the global platform economy be shaped to be more diverse, open, and inclusive? How can platforms be fostered that enable digital innovations suited to low and middle-income countries (e.g., mobile ...



    ... technical barriers to global economic interaction at scale. Digital technology can support economic inclusion by breaking down barriers to ... lowering the level of skills needed to participate in the economy. 13   Of course, this does not mean that everyone and everything ...

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  7. 2015 11 11 WS 263 Digital economy in LATAM and its sustainable development Workshop Room 4 FINISHED

    ... We are about to start the panel of this workshop of Digital Economy in Latin America and sustainable development.  This is very ...


  8. 2015 11 13 WS 97 How to Bridge the Global Internet Economy Divide? Workshop Room 1 FINISHED

    ... itself.  The topic is about Internet Governance.  Internet economy divide.  How to bridge the global Internet economy divide.  ... And then we will talk about the issue, why there is a digital divide.  So when I talk about the  $ 4.2 billion, the big chunk of ...


  9. IGF 2019 WS #113 Building blocks of a gender-inclusive digital economy

    Theme:  Digital Inclusion Subtheme(s):  Accessibility ... of agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors of the economy is likely to impact women’s work and livelihood prospects, especially ... global South differently? 2. How can policy approaches on digital inclusion enable women’s equal participation in the digital economy? ...


  10. IGF 2019 WS #300 Promoting a secure trustworthy and inclusive digital economy

    ... actors in Asia face in joining and participating in the digital economy in terms of data governance? How should these benefits of digital ...



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