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  1. IGF 2020 WS #321 Coronovirus and Privacy

    ... Data Protection Privacy Surveillance Economy Organizer 1: Civil Society, Western European and ... effective contact-tracing technology are government-enabled digital infrastructure and data sharing between the public and private sectors, ...


  2. IGF 2019 WS #182 Data Governance for Smarter City Mobility

    ... Governance Topic(s):  Data driven economy Data privacy & protection Innovation ... of the community to essential services and for the economy of cities to thrive. Reducing car emissions is both a part of climate ...


  3. IGF 2019 WS #183 Leaving Hotel California: open source vs the Internet giants

    ... Governance Topic(s):  Data driven economy Economic Development Surveillance Capitalism ... especially in terms of services for the average user, is a digital Hotel California; no matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible ...


  4. IGF 2020 WS #259 Building Inclusive Digital Economies in Emerging Markets

    ... Inclusion Topic(s):  Digital Transformation Economic Development Organizer ... markets. Entrepreneurs traditionally engaged in the informal economy, especially women and small businesses throughout the Global South, ...


  5. IGF 2018 WS #104 Well-being in the Digital Age (OECD Going Digital Project)

    ... health, the environment, work, safety, privacy, and digital security, among others). Organizer 1: ... aspects for policymakers to consider when developing a digital policy framework to foster well-being for people and communities? 2. It ... the on-line moderator is a youth working on digital economy issues (24 years old). The impact of digital ...


  6. 2015 11 13 Open Forum - OECD Workshop Room 2 FINISHED

    ... And you see the title of the Ministerial on the screen, digital economy, growth, social prosperity. Just a few words to tell you that in the ...


  7. IGF 2017 WS #14 Internet Governance 2017: Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital Trade

    ... Short Title:  Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital Trade Proposer's Name: Ms. Barbara WANNER ... the SDGs 4. Fostering Users’ Trust in the Digital Economy: Addressing privacy/security concerns while optimizing digital trade ...


  8. IGF 2018 WS #278 5G, IoT and AI - Addressing Digital Inclusion and Accessibility

    Thematic Track:  Digital Inclusion & Accessibility Topic(s):  ACCESS & ... for WS #278 and WS #339 5G, IoT and AI -  Addressing Digital Inclusion and Accessibility - Modified List of speakers   ... To bring digitalization’s benefits for society and economy, connectivity remains a main concern in the world. With the ...


  9. IGF 2019 WS #222 Multistakeholder Governance for Semantic Interoperability

    ... Topic(s):  Big Data Data driven economy Data Services Organizer 1: Private Sector, ... Relevance to Theme: To agree on how we describe the (digital) world might be one of the greatest human endeavours. In some ways ...


  10. IGF 2020 WS #340 Checks and balances of data privacy within mass surveillance

    ... Data Localisation Privacy Surveillance Economy Organizer 1: Technical Community, Latin American ... out for the necessity of greater efforts to protect the digital environment from Human Rights violations based on the exacerbation of ...



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