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  1. NOTES

    ... ‎ ‎3 GIP Digital Watch Observatory, May 2019, available at ‎ ... ‎Assembly, resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age (A/RES/73/179), December 2018, available at ‎ ... to the underlying technology trends and impact on the economy, see “Vectors of Digital ‎Transformation”, OECD Digital Economy ...

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  2. IGF 2019 WS #267 A tutorial on public policy essentials of data governance

    ... Topic(s):  Cross border data Data driven economy Data Sovereignty Organizer 1: Duncan ... Organizer 4: Nandini Chami , IT for Change and part of Digital Justice project, a collaborative initiative of Development Alternatives ...


  3. IGF 2019 WS #70 How much is the data? Finding the value of data for growth

    ... Governance Topic(s):  Data driven economy Data localisation Economic Development ... group of speakers to discuss the value of data in the digital age and how to make sure developing countries benefit from it. As data ...


  4. Steck, Christoph

    ... and Governance and other key policy issues that shape the Digital Economy . He is Vice-chair of the Business at OECD (BIAC) Committee on Digital ...


  5. IGF 2019 The not-so-free market

    ... Governance Subtheme:  Data driven economy Human Rights Internet Ethics & Regulations ... professional journalism can not survive and thrive in the digital age, who will safeguard democracy? What are the mechanisms that could ...

    DC Session

  6. IGF 2019 WS #191 Public Interest Data: Where Are We? To Do What?

    ... Topic(s):  Accountability Data driven economy Data Sovereignty Organizer 1: Laurent ... , Conseil d'Etat Organizer 2: Salwa Toko , French Digital Council - Conseil national du numérique Speaker ...


  7. Nguyen, Carolyn

    ... on policy issues related to internet governance and the digital economy. Her past activities have included policy initiatives on privacy, ...


  8. BPF on Gender and Access

    ... in participating in - or trying to participate in - the digital economy as workers, developers or entrepreneurs? Do they have access to ...

    BPF Session

  9. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room XI -WS117 Internet Shutdowns Taking a Toll on Africa's Internet Economy

    ... Shutdowns Taking a Toll on Africa's Internet Economy · Get the Report of the Session HERE ... to actually focus on right now if you want to shape your digital future.  This session was organized by young African people who are ...

    Transcript page

  10. IGF 2020 WS #188 Privacy & Pandemic’s: Developing Privacy Laws and Policies

    ... Data Topic(s):  Data Protection Digital ID Surveillance Economy Organizer 1: Pria Chetty , EndCode ...



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