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  1. IGF 2018 - Day 1 - Salle I - EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES

    ... G7 process, especially with Japan's leadership and the G20 digital economy consultation process.      The Experts Group at OECD is ...

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  2. IGF 2017 - Day 2 - Room XXI - OF49 Big-Data, Business & Respect for Human Rights

    ... of this group. We leave behind such a controlling amount of digital traces, especially with the invention of the Internet things, and the ... is used, affecting us all in daily lives, is the suggestion economy. And that suggestion economy is driven by a massive invasion ...

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  3. 2015 11 13 WS 135 National and Transnational Internet Governance: Jurisdiction Workshop Room 9 FINISHED

    ... easily permitted so we would have avoided the problem of digital archery, but it's not really a big issue in relation to the main ... into a different country so much as it is the concerns of economy in which it is located and the legal standards that apply there. ...


  4. IGF 2018 - Day 1 - Salle VII - DC Community Connectivity: When The Unconnected Build Connectivity (DC3)

    ... The Internet Society celebrated a partnership with the Digital Empowerment Foundation, our first community network work, two weeks ago ... we can reach and be more resilient.  The last is related to economy and efficiency.  Demand creates economies of scale.  This is very ...

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  5. IGF 2012 - Closing Ceremony

    ... responsibility to continue our best efforts in bridging the digital divide and promoting all with the equal opportunities brought about by ... defined. A recent study placed the value of the internet economy in the G20 nations at USD 2.3 trillion.  That value actually puts it ...


  6. IGF 2019 – Day 4 – Saal Europa – WS #403 IPv6 Independence Day: Rest in peace IPv4

    ... IPv4 but not everywhere.  IPv4 disabling must not lead to a digital divide. After the German constitution, we grant federal ... market can be good at short-term for ISPs, companies, the economy, whatever, but if we still have the purpose of getting an IPv6-only ...

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  7. WS 49 Breaking Down Silos in National and International Cooperation on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime

    ... where we need advice and they were called in when we had the digital case in 2011 to solve a crisis in the Netherlands that you could say. ... part of an interesting group that studies the relationship economy. Every two weeks, we do these conference calls exploring how companies ...


  8. AD Workshop 112/76: Securing the Future of Youths Through ICT's / The Challenges to Access from a Youth and Global Perspective

    ... does give people a voice and I know Will spoke about digital citizenship and Camilla spoke about responsibilities what is the dark ... the ago are I cultural‑based ‑‑ agricultural‑based economy to a knowledge‑based economy and the foundation contributes to this ...



    ... national committees in 120 countries, to the members of our digital economy commission which is over 300 members, to the networks of the various ...


  10. Open Consultations, Afternoon session

    ... small island state, lease developed country, less developed economy, and so on. Thank you. >>ALICE MUNYUA:   Thank you, UK.  I have ... an important initiative in the UK to try and reduce the digital divide.  And of course the people who are not on the Internet by and ...



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