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  1. List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2014

      Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2013 Annual Reports 2014 African IGF  African IGF Annual Report 2013   Arab IGF ...


  2. IGF 2020

    ... Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was hosted online by the United Nations under the overarching theme: ... 2-6 November and the second one on 9-17 November. Visit IGF 2020 Meeting Page . The  IGF 2020 Outputs ,  Statistics ...


  3. IGF Regional and National Initiatives

    ... Organizational principles Regional and national IGF initiatives should follow the principles and practices of open, ... initiative related events. In order to be listed on the IGF website as an IGF initiative, IGF initiatives should provide the following ...


  4. NRIs Reports

    ... Files:  Asia Pacific Youth IGF Annual 2016 Report.pdf Belarus IGF Annual 2016 Report.pdf Chad IGF Annual 2016 Report.pdf ...

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  5. African Regional Group

    ... Annual Meeting Report Benin  IGF Benin IGF was established in 2012 year. The Forum serves as a multistakeholder ...


  6. Youth Initiatives

    Youth Initiatives of the IGF are created with a goal of encouraging and involving young people in a ... regional IGFs ( NRIs ), are expected to follow the main IGF principles of being open, inclusive, non-commercial ... below, there are other examples of youth engagement at the IGF and in Internet governance, as described this publication on Youth ...


  7. List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2016

    Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2015 Annual Reports 2016 African IGF African IGF 2015_Report   Arab IGF ...


  8. Regional and National IGF Initiatives 2011

    List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports  2011 ...


  9. Youth Engagement at the IGF 2018 and Ways for Improvements

    ABOUT The IGF community has demonstrated its interest and commitment to enhancing  youth engagement in the IGF. The emerging growth of the existing youth IGF initiatives 1 was ...

    Book page - 93 comments

  10. Substantive Contributions for the IGF

    ... 2014  Remarks by the 8th Meeting of IGF Host Country, Indonesia ISOC submission: Producing Tangible ... on Best Practices Preparing the 2014 IGF: Security and privacy    Preparing the 2014 IGF: Reply ...



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