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  1. Frequently Asked Questions about the NRIs

    ... be find below. FAQ:  Who are the NRIs? NRIs is an acronym that stands for National, Sub-Regional, Regional and Youth ...


  2. Past NRIs activities

    During the annual IGF meetings, the NRIs have organized different types of dedicated sessions. Outcomes of these ... IGF 2018, France [webpage] NRIs preparatory activities for the 2018 annual IGF meeting, according to the ...


  3. Preparatory Meetings

    IGF 2017 NRIs preparatory activities for the 2017 annual IGF meeting NRIs reflection to the IGF 2016 work and recommendations for improvements in ... meetings and a public call for gathering inputs from the NRIs regarding the IGF 2016 work processes,  conducted.  Received ...


  4. IGF 2019: NRIs Preparatory Process

    ... IGF 2020 Planning process is underway. The NRIs network will soon announce a planning strategy for implementing the ... online meeting resulted in an overall agreement that the NRIs will co-organize the main session and collaborative sessions at the IGF in ...


  5. Public Call for Describing the additional IGF support to the NRIs

    ... Call for Describing the additional IGF support to the NRIs - Summary of Received Inputs -   About   ... Advisory Group in Geneva, the IGF Secretariat’s NRIs Focal Point informed that the NRIs have submitted a joint submission to ...


  6. NRIs Annual Meetings 2020

    ... , subregional and youth IGF initiatives ( NRIs ). The below records are updated as announced to the  IGF  Secretariat by the  NRIs . [ Subscribe here to the NRIs mailing list ] ...


  7. IGF Regional and National Initiatives

    Organizational principles ...


  8. NRIs Collaborative Work

    ... these activities were focused on the following: NRIs Main session NRIs Coordination Session NRIs Collaborative Sessions Work Meetings on different subjects ...


  9. NRIs Reports

    ... Croatia IGF Annual 2016 Report.pdf IGF2016 NRIs Virtual Meeting X, 4 October 2016.pdf EuroDIG Annual 2016 ... Macao Annual 2016 Report.pdf IGF2016_NRIs Virtual Meeting XI.pdf 1WC NRIs 2016 10 27 final.pptx ...

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  10. NRIs Publications

      The IGF NRIs Toolkit: available here  In case there is a need within one ... As a result of the continuous collaboration of all NRIs , the Toolkit stands as an advisory document. It consists of relevant ... organization of the initiatives and relationship between the NRIs and the IGF. The first edition of the formatted Toolkit is available ...



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