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  1. IGF 2018 OF #8 Implementation of WSIS Action Lines for SDGs,WSIS Forum 2019

    ... Action Line co-/facilitators and other UN organizations (UNDESA, FAO, UNEP, WHO, UN Women, WIPO, WFP, ILO, WMO, ITC, UPU, UNODC, UNITAR, ... Susar | Governance & Public Administration Officer | UNDESA WSIS Prize Laureates  WSIS Stakeholders representing Private ...

    Open Forum

  2. IGF MAG Meeting, Afternoon session

    ... IGF.  Just to let you know we are in consultation with UNDESA to settle on the dates.  We request for your indulgence.  Just ... I just wanted to thank madam Chairperson, the Secretariat, UNDESA and everybody for hosting a good meeting these pass few days.  That's ...


  3. Open Consultations-February 2013- Meeting Transcript

    ... like to hand over the floor to Mr. Slav Cherkasov, from UNDESA , who would like to say a few words. >>VYATCHESLAV CHERKASOV: Thank ... of the total budgetary needs for the IGF, our colleagues at UNDESA and at the IGF secretariat on are working on that and have promised to ...


  4. FINISHED - 2014 09 02 - Opening Ceremony/Opening Session - Anadolu Auditorium

    ... meeting and to acknowledge with appreciation the work of UNDESA as the organizer. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the ... in in addition to this IGF meeting. Together with the UNDESA and other UN agencies, we delivered a common UN message on the future of ...


  5. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 2 Afternoon

    ...  And then we'll go to Vincenzo from e-government UNDESA .  >>PAUL BLAKER:  Thank you very much, Lynn.  And thank you very ...

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  6. IGF 2016 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting April 5

    ... you.  So the first opening remarks from Wai-Min from UNDESA .  You have the floor.  >>WAI-MIN KWOK: Thank you, Madam Chair. ... come up with after discussions with the MAG and also with UNDESA, all of us, and it's available on the Web site and it's under the MAG ...


  7. NRIs Meeting XV

    ... the NRIs, the MAG Chair, IGF Secretariat and the UNDESA representatives in one place, to reflect the work of the NRIs, ... so far made NRIs progress, with allowing comments from the UNDESA, IGF Secretariat and the MAG Chair on the relevant matters from their ...


  8. IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... sometimes not so.  So for that what we have done with UNDESA is we will reach out to the ministries directly as well so that we ... the -- Even though communication flows through the mission, UNDESA official channel, but there is nothing to stop us from going directly to ...

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    ... stakeholders.  The IGF has its Admin straytive home in UNDESA and because of the multistakeholder nature of the IGF, their ... the organization on the United Nations development Agency, UNDESA, that is in charge of IGF.  It's also taking that path very seriously ...

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  10. Open Consultation 23 February 2009 Transcript

    ... output for WSIS.  I think by chance, it is also on the UNDESA .  Actually, the Secretary-General and myself had discussions with ... I received a letter from Ambassador Sha reconfirming that UNDESA and ITU and IGF Secretariat and we do our best to increase our internal ...



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