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  1. IGF 2016 - Day 2 - Main Hall - Sustainable Development, Internet and Inclusive Growth

    ... going to start with Lenni Montiel, who's the ‑‑ at UNDESA as the Assistant Secretary‑General, and so with great pleasure and actually we're here because of all the great work of UNDESA supporting the IGF.  Thank you.  Please. >> LENNI MONTIEL:  ...

    Transcript page

  2. IGF 2016 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Agenda

    ... and adoption of the agenda 2.    Welcome from UNDESA 3.    Welcome from Honorary Host Country Chair and briefing on ...


  3. Overview

    ... Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ). All contributions are administered and accounted for in accordance ...


  4. Opening Ceremony 2010

    ... Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ) H.E. Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite President of the Republic of ...


  5. 2013 Closing Ceremony and List of Speakers

    ... United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ) Mr. Markus Kummer, Interim Chair of the Open Consultations ...


  6. Opening Ceremony: List of Speakers

    ... Mr. Thomas Stelzer, Assistant Secretary-General, UNDESA Ms. Alice Munyua, Chair, Kenya Internet Governance Steering ...


  7. Open Consultations, Morning session

    ... The dates for the sixth meeting are under consideration by UNDESA and the planning committee of the government of Kenya.  A decision is ...


  8. IGF 2018 Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s)

    ... (Consultant, Secretariat - Internet Governance Forum, UN-DESA) Christopher Yoo (1 World Connected) Sharada Srinivasan (1 ...

    BPF Session

  9. Virtual Meeting IV, 5 April 2016

    ... United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ) and Mr. Chengetai Masango from the IGF Secretariat. 4.    A ...


  10. Internet Governance Forum - The First Two Years

    ... Society - Special issue co-produced with the ITU and UNDESA (2.34MB) [pdf]     ...



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