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  1. IGF 2017 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 1

    ... with UN DESA and whoever is involved, the people here at UNOG , at the U.N. in Geneva, to make this work.  There will be a Web site ... hosted here today by the United Nations Geneva office, UNOG, which also happens to be the home of the IGF secretariat, as Thomas said, ...

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  2. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Assembly Hall - Open Mic

    ... course, thank you to the United Nations office of Geneva UNOG for hosting us this week and the economic and social affairs for the ... summit information society in 2005.  As host of UNOG here and many other IGOs and private institutions that deal with internet ...

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  3. IGF 2017 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 1 Morning

    ... will run you quickly through this the director-general of UNOG will come, so let's wait for a second until this is on the screen. ...

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  4. 2019 IGF - Incoming MAG Members Orientation

    ... contributions.  So, we have in kind contributions from UNOG for space and facilities, well, no longer space, but for facilities that ...

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  5. FINISHED - 2014 09 02 - WS65 - The Role of IXPs in Growing the Local Digital Economy - Room 8

    ... they started knocks, so this year I think there was one UNOG in Indonesia.  If they can't establish their own NOG they would go to ...


  6. IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 1

    ... Which is in room 4.  I guess we need to look at the UNOG map.  So I want to thank everybody for the contributions  this ...

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