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BPF Cybersecurity

BPF Cybersecurity - Exploring best practices in relation to recent international cybersecurity initiatives


The 2019 edition of the Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity will focus on exploring best practices in relation to recent International Cybersecurity Initiatives. The BPF will analyse existing initiatives such as the Paris Call, the GCSC’s Six Critical Norms Towards Cyber Stability, the UN OEWG and GGE, and collect and share best practices around the implementation of suggested measures. Complete BPF proposal for 2019 work is available here.


Participate in the BPF

Participation in the work of the BPF Cybersecurity is free and open to all interested. Please subscribe to the mailing list to keep track of the latest developments.

For general inquiries on the BPF Cybersecurity please contact [email protected] .

Preparatory Process

Intended work plan for 2019

  • Meeting I on scoping the work of the BPF  -  March 12 / 20
  • Development of initial research papers by team volunteers  -  late March to early May
  • Meeting II to review the research papers, take any resulting decisions and begin scoping the public Call for Contributions  -  early May
  • Launch call for contributions  -  early/mid May (with deadline mid July)
  • Outreach to specific actors, e.g. signatories to agreements being explored, governments, other key stakeholders  -  starting mid May
  • Drafting of the BPF report and engagement with the BPF where needed to broaden input  -  mid July to late August
  •  Meeting III to discuss the draft BPF report and planning the BPF session at IGF 2019
  • Publish the draft report for community input ahead of IGF 2019  -  by 8th October (6 weeks before IGF 2019)

Meeting Summaries and Announcements:

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