IGF 2018 OF #40 ISOC Open Forum @ IGF 2018 Future of IGF: “The world is much better with the IGF than without it!”


Sub-theme description: Future of Internet Economy


Internet Society Open Forum is dedicated for the IGF participants that shares the common goal of advocating for an open, resilient, trusted Internet, and our own ISOC community comprised of chapters, organizational and individual members. 

The IGF has been a unique space to address global Internet policy issues in an open and multistakeholder mechanism, where everyone has a voice to ensure that sound, people-centric policies related to Internet emerge. 

Nevertheless, we are concerned that the IGF community is showing signs of fatigue – less high level attendance, difficulties to secure host countries and lack of stable funding sources. We cannot afford for the IGF to lose momentum, particularly at a time when concerns about the Internet are capturing the attention of political and commercial leaders around the world, leading to calls for policies and practices that may have serious implications for a global, decentralized Internet infrastructure.

Small steps can go a long way to making the IGF a stronger platform! Thus, the call for IGF reform is urgent if we want to ensure that all stakeholders can continue to have a say in the evolution of the an open, globally-connected, trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone. 



Internet Society


Agenda (60min):

Moderator: Frederic Donck, Regional Bureau Director, Europe

Part 1 - Initial remarks - Welcome and ISOC plans for 2019!

Andrew Sullivan, President&CEO, Internet Society

Part 2 Pitch talks and Group discussions (50 min)

Future of IGF: “The world is much better with the IGF than without it!”

Raul Echeberria, Vice-President Global Engagement

Online Moderator: 

Paula Real

Session Time: 
Monday, 12 November, 2018 - 09:20 to 10:20
Salle XI

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