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NRIs Toolkit: how to start your IGF Initiative?

English language version
In case there is a need within one respective community to organize an IGF, this Toolkit can assist in establishing the IGF initiative. It was developed by the existing IGF  initiatives for the IGF initiatives.

As a result of the continuous collaboration of all NRIs, the Toolkit stands as an advisory document. It consists of relevant guidelines on how to establish an IGF initiative and it explains the main IGF principles that need to be followed and applied in the overall work.
It reflects the internal organization of the initiatives and relationship between the NRIs and the IGF. The first edition of the formatted Toolkit is available here.


Some members of the NRIs community volunteered to translate the NRIs Toolkit to: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish languages. The translated publications are available below. They are a result of the best efforts invested by the community members, and the IGF Secretariat does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content. 




Arabic language version | عربي

مبادرات منتدى حوكمة الانترنت 
دليل لمساعدة المجتمعات على اطلاق مبادرات منتدى حوكمة الإنترنت 








Chinese language version | 中文









French language version | Français
Une boîte à outils pour aider les communautés établir les initiatives du FGI









Russian language version | Русский
ФОРУМ ПО УПРАВЛЕНИЮ ИНТЕРНЕТОМ (IGF): Руководство в помощь национальным, субрегиональным, региональным и молодежным инициативам (NRIs)








Spanish language version | Español

INICIATIVAS DEL IGF: Un Toolkit para ayudar a las comunidades en el establecimiento de Iniciativas del IGF  (Iniciativas del IGF Nacionales, Sub-Regionales, Regionales y de Juventudes)

Note: The above version contains the English language acronyms. For the version that contains the acronyms on Spanish language, please click here.

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