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IGF 2020 (all sessions)

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    IGF 2020 BPF Local Content
    9 Nov 17:20 to 18:50 UTC
    Join the BPF Local Content for a discussion on local and indigenous content in the digital space – the protection, preservation and sustainability of creative work and traditional knowledge.

  2. DATA
    IGF 2020 BPF Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context
    12 Nov 09:00 to 10:30 UTC
    A dialogue on how users’ data is collected, analysed and used, and best practices to ensure that it is used to bring benefit and not to harm. 1. What are current challenges and concerns re. the collection and use of users’ data and what best practices exist to ensure that data is used to bring benefit and not to harm? 2. Are views and concerns changing and is there a need for new mental models and mindsets? 3. What is the way forward and what is the role of Internet Governance and the IGF?

    IGF 2020 BPF Gender and Access
    13 Nov 11:20 to 12:50 UTC
    The session will look at (1) whether and how issues related to violence, harm, pleasure and consent online (from a gender-diversity perspective) have been brought up at the IGF and (2) whether and how the IGF has fostered the participation of women and gender-diverse people.

  4. TRUST
    IGF 2020 BPF Cybersecurity
    17 Nov 12:50 to 14:20 UTC
    'Exploring best practices in relation to international cybersecurity initiatives.' Join the BPF in discussing what cybersecurity can learn from normative principles in global governance and in exploring best practices in relation to international cybersecurity initiatives.