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  1. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #18 High Way or Wrong Way? Discussing chances and challenges of a global data governance framework
    2 Nov 06:00 to 07:15 UTC
    !!! IF YOU HAVE MISSED OUR PANEL, YOU CAN WATCH THE RECORDED SESSION STARTING AT 20:00MIN HERE: --- Join our panel, to discuss the future of global data governance and data protection. We are glad to welcome: Axel Voss MEP (Europe), Fiona Alexander (USA), Natalie Pang (Singapore), Clàudio Lucena (Brazil) and Eduardo Magrani (Brazil / Europe).

  2. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #42 Stakeholder Balance: Do we need factored balance, factored differently between one Governance topic and another?
    2 Nov 06:00 to 07:30 UTC
    This would be an exploratory discussion, but could possibly gain clarity from the session in a virtual round table format

  3. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #26 Internet Governance challenges in crisis periods: Covid 19
    2 Nov 07:25 to 08:25 UTC

  4. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #38 MyData for smooth post-COVID19 recovery. How can ethical data sharing help build a more resilient future.
    2 Nov 07:40 to 09:10 UTC
    This session will feature the following panelists: - Jaana Sinipuro from Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA - Razi Latif from UN Technology Innovation Lab Finland / Global Pulse - Katryna Dow from Meeco - Joss Langford from Coelition Karolina Mackiewicz, MyData Global will moderate the session. Join to discuss with the experts from different sectors on the "new normal". Get your special discount to the MyData Online 2020 Conference (10-12 Dec).

  5. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #36 2020 Cyberstability Stocktaking of Norms and Institutional Dialogues
    2 Nov 08:35 to 10:05 UTC
    GCSC Commissioners will present the findings and developments of the GCSC Report "Advancing Cyberstability" and engage with government actors to reflect back at the main outcomes and ongoing work of the UN OEWG and GGE, the UNSG High Level Panel, the Paris Call and similar initiatives working on cyber norms. It will explore ways in which to advance a concerted multistakeholder approach that advances the development, implementation and adherence to norms.

  6. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #76 Public Private Partnership in the field of Cybersecurity - Paris Call
    2 Nov 08:50 to 09:50 UTC
    Participants of discussion panel: Speakers: Ligia Kornowska - Polish Hospital Federation Dr Artur Prusaczyk - POZ Plus Szymon Chrostowski - Wygrajmy Zdrowie Foundation Nikolas Ott - Microsoft Natalia Mileszyk - CEC Moderator: Tomasz Jaworski - Microsoft

  7. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #16 UNESCO’s launch of IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators and presentation of national assessments
    2 Nov 10:00 to 16:05 UTC
    For each session, Q and A is reserved for audiences. pls type your questions in the chat and/or take the floor directly.

  8. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #68 E-patronage. The digital emanation of civil society. How does Patronite change Polish culture and media?
    2 Nov 10:00 to 11:00 UTC

  9. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #40 Interoperability: Openness in the Age of Platforms
    2 Nov 10:15 to 11:15 UTC
    The session will bring together experts from across the world to discuss how increased interoperability could be a way to solve some of the most intractable issues of the internet platform market. While content regulation has drawbacks in terms of fundamental rights and competition cases are both arduous and uncertain, policy aimed at interoperability for certain market-dominant platforms through Open Standards arguably holds the most potential to open up the platform market to competition.

  10. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #62 Digital Sovereignty for States, Nations or Users? An insight on the Polish Charter of Digital Sovereignty
    2 Nov 11:10 to 11:40 UTC
    The idea for this session comes from many discussions held in the informal coalition of experts and both public and non-governmental organizations working on and advising the Polish Charter of Digital Sovereignty (

  11. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #43 How 5G will help economies to rebound from the pandemic?
    2 Nov 11:25 to 12:25 UTC

  12. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #94 IGFSA General Assembly
    2 Nov 12:25 to 13:55 UTC

  13. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #58 Hacking on the light side of the force - How to use CTF competitions to develop competences in security and internet technologies
    2 Nov 13:30 to 15:00 UTC

  14. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #1 GigaNet 2020 Symposium
    2 Nov 13:35 to 18:35 UTC
    The Global Internet Governance Academic Network annual symposium features cutting-edge research on Internet & data governance, regulation, COVID-19 responses and more. Full program available at Join the debate on our live tweeting-> #GigaNet2020

  15. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #57 Smart City – Smart People. Do we know how to ensure our security?
    2 Nov 15:10 to 16:40 UTC

  16. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #12 Stop stalkerware: tackling digital stalking helps victims of domestic violence
    2 Nov 16:15 to 17:15 UTC
    Stalkerware are commercial software that enables a remote user to monitor the activities on another user’s device without that user’s consent. Mostly used in domestic violence, it is growing issue at global level. Join the discussion with the Coalition against Stalkerware and other international stakeholders working with victims and perpetrators to identify ways to act together against this developing cyberthreat.

  17. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #84 Digital future for everyone. How to effectively fight digital exclusion?
    2 Nov 16:40 to 17:25 UTC

  18. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #91 Will we save the world? Can technology help us?
    2 Nov 17:00 to 18:00 UTC
    Join our panel, to discuss the future of environment and technology. We are glad to welcome experts and stakeholders namely: Maciej Sadowski (Start-up HUB Poland, Coalition form Polish Innovations) - moderator, Karolina Lipińska (Marshal Office Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland), Maria Krawczyńska (BNP Paribas, Poland), Maciej Ryś (Smogathon) and Przemysław Krawczyk (Geolearning, Poland). Foundation Coalition for Polish Innovation

  19. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #29 How applicable are Human Rights Standards in the Context of COVID-19: A Latin American perspective on surveilling the pandemics
    2 Nov 17:25 to 18:25 UTC

  20. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #66 Various dimensions of technological exclusion in Polish schools.
    2 Nov 17:40 to 19:10 UTC
    Nobody planned the COVID-19 pandemic, nor did the the rapid digital transformation of education in Poland. Remote lessons have proved not only a technological challenge, but also a test of teachers' resilience and ingenuity. This experiment was called a success, but it also highlighted the problem of technological barriers and exclusion. Whole situation has shown blurred boundaries between exclusion due to access to technology and the level of technical competence.

  21. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #47 DNS-Abuse in the age of COVID-19
    2 Nov 18:35 to 20:05 UTC
    The session will describe how the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical technology that end users rely on every day to work well, and will define the term DNS Abuse, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers will describe the global efforts to expose and mitigate this abuse and the extortion and fraud campaigns exploiting the pandemic. They will explain how these technical operations are relevant for the on-going digital policy and governance initiatives.

  22. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #10 An open discussion about tackling terrorist and violent extremist content with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.
    2 Nov 18:45 to 19:45 UTC
    Join GIFCT Executive Director Nick Rasmussen as he shares the latest trends in how terrorism and extremism are manifesting themselves in online environments. He will discuss GIFCT Goals and strategic pillars that guide our work. Members of the Independent Advisory Committee will also discuss the role they play in shaping the future of this organization. Significant time will be reserved for discussion with the audience.

  23. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #2 Bridging Stakeholder Gaps to Eliminating barriers to participation in Internet Governance Processes.
    3 Nov 06:30 to 08:00 UTC

  24. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #7 Innovations and Synergies Across Data Ecosystems for the SDGs
    Tuesday, 3 November, 2020 - 06:30 to 07:30 UTC
    3 Nov 06:30 to 07:30 UTC

  25. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #17 We the Internet - Experiencing the Global Deliberation
    Tuesday, 3 November, 2020 - 06:30 to 08:00 UTC
    3 Nov 06:30 to 08:00 UTC
    Humanity deserves and asks for better governance. The Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the future of Internet ( aims at addressing core questions of the future of Internet with ordinary citizens and stakeholders around the world.

  26. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #8 EuroDIG - Open Forum
    3 Nov 07:40 to 11:10 UTC
    EuroDIG - Open Forum is a chance to meet and exchange with European stakeholder. Participants from other regions are most welcome!

  27. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #37 Protecting the Public Core of the Internet: from formulation to implementation
    3 Nov 08:00 to 09:10 UTC
    Threats to the DNS system highlight the need to protect the core Internet functionalities. In 2017, the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) issued its flagship norm to protect the public core of the Internet, which is now part of EU law, adopted by the Paris Call, and included in the pre-draft of the UN OEWG report. This session will give an overview of recent developments and explore ways in which to advance a concerted multistakeholder approach to advance this norm.

  28. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #21 AfICTA - Driving the digital potential of Africa
    3 Nov 08:10 to 09:10 UTC

  29. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #11 Digital Cooperation and Children’s Rights
    3 Nov 09:20 to 10:50 UTC
    Speakers: * Baroness Beeban Kidron * Prof. Sonia Livingstone, OBE * Dr Amanda Third * Jutta Croll * Tarique Kenny * Prof. Olga Khazova & Amal Aldoseri, members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, co-chairs of the Working Group

  30. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #28 The Digital Justice Conversations
    3 Nov 09:20 to 12:20 UTC
    This session organized by IT for Change and Just Net Coalition will open with a panel discussion on Global Networking for Digital Justice in the New Age, offering insights into JNC’s evolving strategy. The launch of a compendium on a Digital New Deal will follow. Leading global scholars and activists will present their visions of digital technology that is democratically governed and committed to justice. It will conclude with reflections by Prof. Saskia Sassen and an open interaction.

  31. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #71 Policy of European countries towards shaping the competences of the future in the era of COVID-19 pandemic
    3 Nov 09:20 to 10:30 UTC
    World premiere of the report "Skills4tomorrow". It contains data summarizing research on the activities of governments and public institutions of selected European countries in the field of shaping the competences of the future in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation will be followed by discussion with experts.

  32. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #90 COVID-19 as a flywheel for the digital transformation of the economy, public administration and society’
    3 Nov 10:40 to 11:40 UTC
    Speakers: Robert Redeleanu, CEO UPC Poland/Eastern Europe Baptiest Coopmans, CEO UPC Switzerland Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Kozminski University Mark Dekan, CEO, Ringier Axel Springer Media AG Eliza Kruczkowska, CIO, Polish Development Fund Ireneusz Piecuch, DGTL Law, expert, lawyer (moderator)

  33. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #13 Internet Society's Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)
    3 Nov 11:00 to 14:00 UTC
    The Internet Society's 'Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)’ will bring together experts and newcomers in an 'unconference' style to dialogue on how we can altogether grow and strengthen the Internet. Register to the session:

  34. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #15 Why Plan for Broadband?: A4AI Affordability Report 2020 Teaser & Discussion
    3 Nov 11:20 to 13:20 UTC
    Although just over half of the world’s population has come online, how are governments setting the targets required to get us to universal access? In many cases, they aren’t. This session will serve as a teaser for the forthcoming release of A4AI’s Affordability Report, and focus on the importance of national broadband plans in driving progress in affordable and meaningful access for everyone, especially those in low- and middle-income countries.

  35. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #54 Digitisation of the economy and society - an antidote to the international economic crisis?
    3 Nov 11:50 to 12:50 UTC
    The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the future of the global economy will be determined by its digitisation and a new approach to society's digital skills. Thanks to the accelerated digitisation process, business will be able to get back on its feet and give impetus to the recovering economy. Together with invited experts, we want to discuss the possibilities of speeding up the digitisation process and the desired directions of regulation, so that they favour innovation.

  36. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #27 National AI Strategies & AI for Sustainable Development
    3 Nov 12:40 to 13:55 UTC
    -Presentation of The Future Society's work developing national AI strategies in the Global South with a focus on achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development (Yolanda Lannquist) -Presentation of the development of Rwanda's National AI Strategy by Kim Schulte (GIZ FAIR Forward), Yolanda Lannquist and Philip Gasaatura (The Future Society)

  37. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #79 How culture went virtual in the face of pandemic and what are the consequences
    3 Nov 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
    During the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus the majority of artists had to resign form public performances and transfer their artistic activity to the Internet. What are the the consequences?

  38. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #89 Cybersecurity skills certification system in Poland
    3 Nov 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
    Insights on cybersecurity and the National Cybersecurity Certification System as part of the Polish Qualification Framework.

  39. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #59 Lessons from the African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) on Protecting Digital Rights in Africa
    3 Nov 13:30 to 14:00 UTC
    In this session, the African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) will share insights into its work over the past three years and discuss our interventions, with an interactive conversation exploring the need for transnational collaboration, partnerships and coalition-building to protect and expand digital rights across Africa.

  40. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #4 North Africa Stockholders Coordination meeting
    3 Nov 15:10 to 16:10 UTC

  41. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #14 The corona virus pandemic: A global crisis is showing us how to live online
    3 Nov 15:10 to 16:10 UTC
    The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our work routines and has touched the lives of many. SICs have reacted by providing timely resources to keep the online space as safe as possible. Helplines across the network have seen a drastic increase in calls related to online abuse. We will explore best practices, helpline data, online trends & most popular apps used by youth. Youth ambassadors will give their perspective on how the pandemic has affected their life.

  42. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #31 Civil Society Coordination meeting: a Public Interest Internet discussion
    3 Nov 15:10 to 16:40 UTC

  43. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #69 Internet Diverse - People United!
    3 Nov 15:10 to 16:25 UTC
    The development of AI Systems often amplifies social injustice. Using the example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Decision Making (ADM), we can see how closely violence, control and surveillance are interconnected with traditional systems of social exclusion. This is why we want to open the discourse and talk to people for whom AI causes injustice and leads to exclusion. So let’s talk about one of the most important topics of our time: AI & Social Justice.

  44. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #32 Environmental justice and an anti-extractive internet : impacting policy through developing a feminist principle
    3 Nov 16:20 to 19:20 UTC
    This interactive workshop will explore and consult on ways to create a feminist principle for an anti-extractive internet and what this means for policy advocacy in internet governance spaces.

  45. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #45 Youth's role in Capacity Building Activities
    3 Nov 16:20 to 17:20 UTC

  46. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #83 Agile State - opportunities and threats. How is the role of the state changing in the digital reality?
    3 Nov 16:40 to 17:25 UTC

  47. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #30 From Principles to Practice: Artificial Intelligence and the Role of the Private Sector
    3 Nov 16:50 to 18:50 UTC
    Bringing together international and regional organizations that have developed or are currently in the process of developing AI guidelines, this session will to consider how these policy recommendations can be translated into practice, specifically by private sector counterparts. The session will also highlight best practices from private sector actors that have developed ethical guidelines for their companies in line with existing frameworks and standards.

  48. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #92 Has the pandemic increased social inequalities due to lack of competence or the availability of new technologies?
    3 Nov 17:00 to 18:00 UTC
    Join our panel, to discuss about availability. We are glad to welcome experts and stakeholders namely: Dagmara Krzesińska (Coalition for Polish Innovations), Piotr Beńke (IBM, Poland), Bartłomiej Bańkowski (Inspatium Foundation), Prof. Renata Włoch (Digital Economy Lab, University of Warsaw), Łukasz Gabler (Santander, Poland) and Łukasz Malicki (Random Forest). Foundation Coalition for Polish Innovation

  49. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #50 People-focused Smart Cities
    3 Nov 17:30 to 19:00 UTC
    This session will share experiences from cities around the world, and their efforts to enable and enhance digital rights locally.

  50. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #61 Data for Good AI: How to create data governance model that fosters socially beneficial AI?
    3 Nov 17:40 to 19:10 UTC
    The outcomes will allow to understand how the new governance models for data can allow for fully utilizing the value of information and therefore boost the digital economy across countries and industries.

  51. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #33 Internet 101
    3 Nov 19:00 to 20:00 UTC
    What happens when you enter the address of a website in your browser, or click the send button in your email app? The session will take a step-by-step approach in explaining what happens behind the scenes: How does your computer know where to find that website and how does your message end up at the correct destination? Join ICANN, RIPE NCC and CENTR to learn about the origins of the Internet, Internet routing and the DNS.

  52. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #9 IGF LAC Space
    3 Nov 19:10 to 20:10 UTC
    IGF LAC Space is a session to gather all participants from the LAC region in an attempt to share their achievements of the present year and their plans for the following year. It started in 2016 in Guadalajara and this would be the 4th.

  53. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Lessons learned from the Pandemic: child rights and safety
    4 Nov 07:00 to 08:30 UTC
    Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, evidence on pattern of online offending, risks to children online, and on prevalence of different forms of online harm was already available however the circumstances created by this crisis seem to have exacerbated the vulnerability of children. The panel will analyze the takeaways of the crisis, how they are related to internet governance and also determine a way forward in relation to the online safety of children for future crisis management.


    • Baroness Beeban Kidron, Founder and Chair of 5Rights Foundation
    • Professor Amanda Third (PhD), University of  Western Sydney, Australia
    • Ms. Nina Pirk, representative of Nummer Gegen Kummer (German Kids and Youth Helpline).
    • Mr. Cathal Delaney, Head of Team, Analysis Project Twins, EC3, EUROPOL

    IGF 2020 Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance
    4 Nov 08:10 to 09:40 UTC

    Intended as a round table of school organizers.

  55. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #19 Let's work. Deployment of internet standards and secure ICT products and services
    4 Nov 08:40 to 10:10 UTC
    Internet security is a pivotal topic for all users. Deployment of Internet standards, secure ICT-products and -services can contribute significantly to security. Deployment is the focus of this workshop. You can make a difference by joining the session and co-determine the priorities the DC-ISSS has to focus on in its first year. You're opinions and future contributions matter.

  56. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #13 Trust Building in Cyberspace on Public Health Emergencies
    4 Nov 09:20 to 10:20 UTC
    Corresponding to the thematic track of "Trust" of IGF 2020, this Open Forum, under the theme of Trust Building in Cyberspace on Public Health Emergencies, invites representatives of governments, international organizations, enterprises, technical communities, and think tanks across the world to discuss the trust building in cyberspace against the backdrop of international public health emergencies.

    1. Address

    Ms. Qi Xiaoxia, Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Cyberspace Administration of China

    Prof. Werner Zorn, Father of the German Internet, Inductee of the Internet Hall of Fame

    2. Keynote Speech

    Session 1: The Impact of International Public Health Emergencies Represented by the COVID-19 on Global Cyberspace Governance and Trust Relationships

    Mr. Paul Wilson, Director General, Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC)

    Prof. Zhou Xiaohua, Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Peking University Chair Professor

    Prof. David Robertson, Vice Principal and Head of College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani, Associated Member, Einstein Center Digital Future

    Session 2: The Role of Internet Technology Innovation in Responding to International Public Health Emergencies

    Prof. Kilnam Chon, Father of the Korean Internet, Inductee of the Internet Hall of Fame

    Ms. Li Qian, Executive Expert of Legal and Policy Research Department, Alibaba Group

    Mr. Koh King Kee, President of Centre for New Inclusive Asia

    Session 3: Methods and Paths for Building Trust Mechanism in Cyberspace against the Backdrop of International Public Health Emergencies

    Dr. Jiang Yang, Director of the Institute of International Governance, Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies

    Prof. Luca Belli, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV)

    3. Discussion 

    Mr. Karim Alwadi, Research Fellow, Renmin University of China

    Mr. Oleg Abdurashitov, Head of CEO Office, Kaspersky


  57. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #51 Technology and climate change. Will the technology help us cope with climate change, which causes its rapid development.
    4 Nov 09:30 to 10:30 UTC
    During this session we will discuss whether environment and health issues are often raised by people and how do societies see environmental issues and the role of modern technologies in its protection. We would also talk about tech - whether it could help us to solve the problem that we have with climate change.

  58. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Internet in Crisis Management and Renewal
    4 Nov 10:30 to 12:00 UTC
    Internet is the lifeline of all communications during the pandemic, keeping the world connected. Is there any stress on Core Internet Values during the crisis? Would there be a greater realization on the significance of these values post-crisis?

  59. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #96 The role of gigabit infrastructure in the building of a gigabit economy and society
    4 Nov 10:40 to 11:40 UTC
    Robert Redeleanu, CEO UPC Poland Manuel Kohnstamm, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Liberty Global Piotr Arak, Director, Polish Economic Institute  Wojciech Szajnar, Director, Digital Poland Projects Centre Karim Taga, Managing Director, Arthur D. Little Vesa Terava, Acting Head of Unit B2 – Implementation of Regulatory Framework, DG Infso, European Commission Igor Ostrowski, Global Co-Chair of Technology, Media & Telecommunications at Dentons (moderator)

  60. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #55 Taxing the digital economy - how to do it fairly?
    4 Nov 11:50 to 12:50 UTC
    The digital sector, which creates high added value for the economy, is under increasing regulatory pressure. Legal standards on privacy, the flow of personal and non-personal data, copyright and audiovisual issues are constantly being created and updated. All of this is being done to create the Digital Single Market in the UE. Together with experts we want to discuss the desired directions for regulation, so that they encourage innovation and do not lead to a loss of competitiveness.

    IGF 2020 OF #14 Copyright and inclusion
    4 Nov 12:10 to 13:10 UTC
    WIPO is deeply involved in promoting the "Inclusion" of people with disabilities. Beyond helping countries to implement the Marrakesh Treaty, WIPO leads an ambitious set of initiatives under the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC), already changing the lives of thousands of people with a visual impairment around the world.

    Mr. Scott Labarre, World Blind Union - “The Marrakesh Treaty and its impact on inclusion”

    Ms. Monica Halil, WIPO - "the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC)"

    Ms. Aria Indrawati, Mitra Netra Foundation - “WIPO ABC Capacity building programs: the experience of Indonesia”

    Mr. Rafael Ferraz, WIPO - "SCCR Study on Access to Copyright Protected Works by Persons with Disabilities"

    Mr. Christian Vogler, Gallaudet University - “People with disabilities and access to content: challenges and solutions” 

  62. TRUST
    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Cybersecurity local policies and standards
    4 Nov 12:20 to 13:20 UTC
    Please follow this guide on how to connect to the platform

  63. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #80 Content recognition tools. Novelty? Reality? Necessity? Danger?
    4 Nov 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
    There is a belief that application of recognition tools is ineffective, expensive and may lead to censorship. Is it true?

    IGF 2020 OF #16 Internet Governance with and for the Citizens
    4 Nov 13:20 to 14:20 UTC
    Humanity deserves and asks for better governance. Both citizens and decision-makers are ready to experiment with new approaches. Decisions taken on behalf of 7+ billion human beings require to augment the traditional expertise with the vision and experience of ordinary citizens that will enrich, legitimize, and strengthen the decisions.

    Moderator: Antoine Vergne [email protected]

    Co-moderator: Benoit  VERHULST [email protected]





  65. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #20 Automating Society - we'll show the evidence
    4 Nov 13:30 to 14:30 UTC
    We will share state-of-the-art evidence about algorithmic decision-making (ADM) processes already in use, taken from our brand new Automating Society 2020 report, covering 16 European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. Our partners from Centrum Cyfrowe, authors of the Poland chapter, will provide detail on the situation in Poland.

  66. DATA
    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Data utilization for sustainability
    4 Nov 13:50 to 14:50 UTC
    Follow this guide on how to connect to the session:

  67. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #97 Forum of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network
    4 Nov 14:30 to 15:50 UTC
    The Forum of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network will provide stakeholders with an update on the work of the organization in 2020, in particular about the release of several I&J Outcome Documents, the upcoming publication of the Internet & Jurisdiction and UN ECLAC Regional Status Report 2020 and the recent regional initiatives of the Policy Network with a special focus on Japan, Africa and Latin America.

  68. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #39 Internet Commons Forum
    4 Nov 16:00 to 17:40 UTC
    The Internet Commons Forum (ICF) gathers thinkers and doers working towards a less concentrated and more just Internet. Participants will explore the facets of the #digitalcommons and discuss strategies their implementation.

  69. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #72 Trust by design. How to make sure that Internet is safe for everyone?
    4 Nov 16:00 to 16:50 UTC

  70. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Public Collaboration On Multi-Stakeholder Health Data Values
    4 Nov 16:00 to 17:30 UTC
    The session will include presentations on Block-Chain and Machine Learning for the Health Care sector; insights in to eHealth, and an open discussion on eHealth matters for the future.

     Ms Amali De Silva-Mitchell ; Mr Robert Guerra ; Mr Jorn Erbguth; Dr Galia Kondova; Dr Pramilla Senanayake; Mrs Lakmini Shah; Dr Katerina Sideri; Dr Bimalka Seneviratne; Mr Herman Ramos; Mr Yao Amevi Amessinou Sossou: Dr Champike Attanayake;  Mrs Janna Belote; Ms Marina Shentsova;

  71. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #63 Aiming for AI explainability: lessons from the field
    4 Nov 17:00 to 18:30 UTC
    AI systems will soon determine our rights and freedoms, shape our economic situation and physical wellbeing, affect market behaviour and natural environment. With the hype for ‘problem-solving’ AI, claims for (more) accountability in this field are gaining urgency. In this session we will not repeat them. Instead, we will consider their feasibility and discuss practical approaches to 'piercing the black box'. We will draw on practical lessons from the field.

  72. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #39 OECD – Policy responses from COVID19 and the digital economy
    4 Nov 17:10 to 18:10 UTC
    This Open Forum will report on the key messages from the OECD work on COVID-19 and the digital economy. It will also present some highlights from the upcoming OECD publication "Digital Economy Outlook 2020". Together with representatives of government, business, civil society and international organisations, it will foster a reflection on opportunities and challenges for the digital economy during and beyond COVID-19.
    • Ms Audrey Plonk, Head of Digital Economy Policy Division, OECD
    • Ms Carolina Botero, Representative of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) to the OECD
    • Mr Bengt Molleryd, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and Chair of OECD’s working Party on Communication Infrastructure and Services Policy
    • Ms Carolyn Nguyen, Director of Technology Policy, Microsoft
    • Ms Golestan (Sally) Radwan, Minister Advisor for Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology of Egypt
    • Mr Mark Uhrbach, Chief of Digital Economy Metrics at Statistics Canada and Chair of the OECD’s Working Party on Measurement and Analysis of the Digital Economy
    • Mr Yves Verhoeven, Deputy Director of Strategy at the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) and Chair of the OECD’s Working Party on Security in the Digital Economy

  73. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #93 Privacy? Is there anything to worry about?
    4 Nov 17:10 to 18:10 UTC
    Join our panel, to discuss about privacy. We are glad to welcome experts and stakeholders namely: Karolina Małagocka Phd. (Kozminski University, Poland), Sylwia Stefaniak (Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland), Natalia Mileszyk (CEC Government Relations, Poland), Olga Budziszewska (Accenture, Poland), Krzysztof Wysocki (Oracle, Poland).

    IGF 2020 OF #31 Safe digital spaces, a dialogue on countering cyberviolence
    4 Nov 17:50 to 18:50 UTC
    • Chenai Chair, Web Foundation (Moderator)
    • Helene Molinier, Senior Manager for the Action Coalition on Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality at UN Women
    • Bhavna Jha, IT for Change
    • Marwa Azelmat, APC
    • Mariana Valente, InternetLab
    • Cindy Southworth, Facebook

    IGF 2020 Community Networks at Times of Crises and Pandemics
    4 Nov 18:20 to 19:50 UTC
    The session will discuss the value of community networks to expand access and empower individuals and communities in times of emergencies, such as the covid19 pandemic. Participants will discuss concrete initiatives, present case studies and innovative approaches to foster meaningful connectivity, featured in the 2020 DC3 outcome report on “The Value of Internet Openness at Times of Crisis”.
    • Sonia Jorge, Alliance for Affordable Internet A4AI
    • Osama Manzar, DEF
    • Jane Coffin, ISOC
    • Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich
    • Cynthia El Khoury, APC
    • Senka Hadzic, CyberBRICS / Research ICT Africa
    • Nicholas Echaniz, AlterMundi

    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Future of jobs/work in the digital age
    4 Nov 18:40 to 19:40 UTC

    Clone of IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Future of jobs/work in the digital age
    4 Nov 18:40 to 19:40 UTC

  78. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #73 Shared Digital – how to build a Public Civic Online Ecosystem
    4 Nov 18:50 to 20:05 UTC
    Our goal is to present progressive policy frameworks and visions that create a more equitable and democractic digital environment. Join the session to talk with creators of these visions and define together elements of a Shared Digital ecosystem.

    IGF 2020 Fostering a new key role of Youth in Internet Governance
    4 Nov 19:00 to 20:30 UTC
    The YCIG session is the space where young people can exchange experiences and points of view of Internet issues around the world. We will address key policy questions under the topic “Fostering a new key role of youth in Internet Governance”, recapping the reflections of last years’ Youth IGF Summit while considering which are the next steps and tools for youth to increase the representation of young people in key policy roles, BPF, DC and more spaces.

    1- Eileen Berenice Cejas, Argentina, YCIG/Youth Observatory (Civil Society)

    2- Emilia Zalewska, Poland, , LegalTech Polska (Civil Society)

    3 - Mohammad Atif, India, Youth SIG (Civil Society)

    4- Joao Pedro Martins, Portugal, Lusophone Youth IGF, (Civil Society)

    5- Lily Edinam Botsyoe, Ghana , Ghyrate Ghana (Private Sector) 

     6-Augusto Marturin, Argentina,  Youth IGF Argentina Technical Community (Technical)


  80. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #34 Latin America in a Glimpse: Automated Decision-Making, Discrimination and the Internet
    4 Nov 19:50 to 21:15 UTC
    This will be an oppotunity to learn, share and discuss about the ways AI and automated decision making technologies are shapping society in Latin America,especially for historically marginalized groups.

  81. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #20 Attention economy and free expression?
    5 Nov 07:30 to 08:30 UTC
    Freedom of expression is increasingly shaped by technologies that rank speech for profit and alter the business model of news outlets away from reader trust and towards “clicks”. Based on the Committee of Ministers Declaration on the manipulative capabilities of algorithmic processes, the session will discuss how to protect freedom of expression and media freedom in the “attention economy”, where the dominant business models reward engagement and noise over deliberation and facts.

    Moderator: Patrick Penninckx, Head of Information Society Department, Council of Europe


    • Amy Brouillette, Research Director, Ranking Digital Rights (RDR)

    • Joe McNamee, Independent Consultant, Council of Europe Expert Committee on Freedom of Expression and Digital Technologies

    • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Borchardt, Media Adviser and Journalist, Journalism Professor, Universität der Künste, Berlin/ Head of Digital Journalism Fellowship, Hamburg Media School

    • Aurélien Maehl, Senior Public Policy Manager, Europe, DuckDuckGo

    IGF 2020 OF #21 Strengthening Implementation Capacities for AI Ethics
    5 Nov 08:40 to 09:40 UTC
    How can ethical principles for AI be implemented? How do we translate high-level principles into policies? What kind of human and institutional capacities are needed to govern AI? These are some of the questions that experts from national, regional and international organizations working on the governance of AI would be focusing on during the session.

    Moderator:  Sasha Rubel, UNESCO


    • Dafna Feinholz, UNESCO
    • Léonard Bouchet, European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
    • Jed Horner, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    • Jan Kleijssen, Council of Europe 
    • Nicolas Miailhe, The Future Society
    • Clara Neppel, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    • Sophie Peresson, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 
    • Karine Perset, OECD
    • Benjamin Prud’homme, Quebec Institute for Artificial Intelligence (MILA) 
    • Sally Radwan, Arab League Working Group on AI (Egypt)

  83. DATA
    IGF 2020 Future Unclear: data and bodies in the post-pandemic times
    5 Nov 08:40 to 10:10 UTC
    A conversation on bodies and data in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Bishakha Datta, Point of View, India (Moderator)

    Dr. Anja Kovacs, Internet Democracy Project, India (Speaker)

    Joana Varon, Coding Rights, Brazil (Speaker)

    Sadaf Khan, Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan (Speaker)

  84. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #52 Tech 4 Society - How to build an inclusive and open society for everyone, especially for disabled people.
    5 Nov 09:30 to 11:00 UTC
    This is a workshop so everyone could attend and be part of Q&A. During the first 15 minutes Piotr Mieczkowski will present idea on how to build an inclusive and open society for everyone, especially for disabled people. Next, people in the workshop will share their stories and ideas. Everyone is invited.

  85. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #23 EU Delegation to the IGF & the Youth IGF
    5 Nov 09:50 to 10:50 UTC
    High Level UN IGF Open Forum Social media: @globalyouthigf The format of the Open Forum is intended to be a debate between the Youth IGF leaders and executives of the Information Society.  The discussion between the leaders and the young representatives is proposed to be focused this year on the engagement of the Youth IGF leaders during the COVID crisis and the role of the youth activism in digital in the scope of resolution of crisis situations.


    Dr. Sidi OULD SALEM, Minister of ICT and porte-parole of the government, Mauritania

    Ministre de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche scientifique et des technologies de l’information et de la communication Porte-parole du Gouvernement, République de Mauritanie

    ✓Bocar A.BA, CEO & Board Member, SAMENA, Telecommunications Council, UAE

    Ambassador Marina KALJURAND, MEP, Former Estonian Foreign Minister, Former Chair of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, EU 

    Casper KLYNGE, Vice President of Microsoft, Former Diplomat, EU

    ✓Prof. Dr. Rolf WEBER, Professor of international business law, Zurich University

    Co-director of the Research Program on Financial Market Regulation, the Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law and the Blockchain Center

    Youth IGF Leaders: Bulgaria, Indonesia, Kenya, Philippines

    MODERATOR: Yuliya MORENETS, Youth IGF, Founder 

  86. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #18 Safety by Design - implementation and impact
    5 Nov 10:20 to 11:20 UTC

    Julie Inman Grant - eSafety Commissioner

    Industry representatives - Dieter Carstensen, Director, Head of Digital Child Safety, at LEGO and Stephen Collins, Senior Director, Public Policy International, at Snap Inc

    Tertiary sector - Professor Amanda Third is Professorial Research Fellow in Digital Social and Cultural Research in the Institute for Culture and Society and Co-Director of the Young and Resilient Research Centre at Western Sydney University whom eSafety has consulted as part of its SbD initiative and whom it has been working alongside in its international engagements.

    Youth representative - a pre-recorded video representing youth perspectives and illustration of eSafety's SbD Youth Vision Statement (provided in full in the background paper attached).

  87. DATA
    IGF 2020 Inaugural meeting, Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust
    5 Nov 10:50 to 12:20 UTC
    This interactive discussion is the inaugural meeting of the new Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust. The speakers will briefly set the scene on the vision for the Dynamic Coalition, the linkages between data and trust within the domain name industry and online content environment. The discussions will be framed around the effectiveness of industry responses to the Covid-19 pandemic within the domain environment, web environment and social media.

    Giovanni Seppia, EURid

    Pablo Bello, WhatsApp

    Lisa-Maria Neudert, Oxford Internet Institute

    Antoan Shoratov, EURid Youth Committee

    Alberto Rabbachin, European Commission

    The meeting would have been held in round-table format, and the organisers will welcome floor points from all participants.  Graeme Bunton of Tucows and Polina Malaja of CENTR have indicated a willingness to provide interventions on the theme of industry responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  88. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #77 Digital Sustainability Forum – a CEE initiative to support tech sustainability.
    5 Nov 11:00 to 12:20 UTC
    Participants of the panel Moderator: Nanna-Louise Wildfang Linde - Microsoft Speakers: Írisz Lippai-Nagy, Chief Executive Officer, AmCham Hungary Sara Polak, PRG.AI, Czechia Aleksander Tarkowski, Centrum Cyfrowe Radu Puchiu, Aspen Technology&Society Program, Romania Piotr Mieczkowski, Digital Poland

  89. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #67 The importance of digital skills amid the COVID-19 pandemic
    5 Nov 11:50 to 12:50 UTC
    The aim of this multistakeholder discussion is to provide insights and practical examples of programmes and frameworks on digital skills strategies from around the world, to serve as manageable models or inspiration.

    IGF 2020 OF #6 African Union Open Forum
    5 Nov 12:30 to 13:30 UTC
    As this forum is organized by the highest continental body in Africa, stakeholders are encouraged to participate and share views on the way forward on IG issues in Africa.

    Moctar Yedaly, African Union;Adil Sulieman, African Union; Makane Faye, African IGF Secretariat; Mary Uduma, African IGF- MAG; Mactar Seck, UNECA; Sandro Bazzanella, PRIDA.

  91. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #24 Online Safety Technology: Towards a Global Market?
    5 Nov 12:30 to 13:30 UTC
    This session will: showcase work to define, consolidate and grow the Safety Tech market; explore the extent to which the challenges and opportunities we have identified in the UK reflect those of other countries; and, discuss how international collaboration may help to develop and grow the global market.


    • Kevin Cunnington, Digital Envoy for the UK 


    • Professor Mary Aiken, CyberPsychologist and INTERPOL advisor (Ireland)

    • Professor Simon Saunders, Director of Emerging and Online Technology, Ofcom (UK)

    • Ian Stevenson, Chair of UK Online Safety Tech Industry Association (UK)

    • Roni Gur, VP Marketing, L1ght (US and Israel)

    • Deepak Tewari, CEO, (Switzerland)

    IGF 2020 Equitable access to digital content: lessons from COVID-19
    5 Nov 12:40 to 14:10 UTC
    The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted crucial questions around access to key digital resources and services at a time of crisis. This session takes stock of emergency responses of libraries, governments, publishers and other key stakeholders - and their impacts on digital inclusion and access to information and content. Looking at the current policy context and lessons learned during the pandemic, the session examines key policy questions and lessons for the ‘new normal’ and any future emergencies.
    • Nkem Osuigwe, African Library and Information Associations & Institutions (Nigeria)
    • Don Means, Libraries WhiteSpace Project and Gigabit Libraries Network (USA)
    • Mark Graham, The Internet Archive and The Wayback Machine (USA)
    • Theresa Hackett, Electronic Information for Libraries, Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager
    • Valensiya Dresvyannikova, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (Netherlands)

  93. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #65 Promoting Rights-Respecting AI: a Call for Action from the Freedom Online Coalition
    5 Nov 12:40 to 13:40 UTC
    This session will be moderated by Charles Bradley, Executive Director of Global Partners Digital. Panelists include Dan Costello, Assistant Deputy Minister for Global Affairs Canada; Johanna Sumuvuori, State Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; Bernard Shen, Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft; Francesca Fanucci, Senior Legal Advisor at the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law; and Juliana Sakai, Chief Operating Officer at Transparência Brasil.

  94. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #81 Creativity and responsibility online
    5 Nov 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
    Does being creative online mean the same thing as being creative offline? How should artists and creators take care of their rights in virtual space and what should the responsibility of institutions be in this respect?

    IGF 2020 #Netgov and news media sustainability in the times of crisis
    5 Nov 13:40 to 15:10 UTC
    This session will constitute our annual meeting to update the DC-Sustainability members on important developments since we launched at IGF 2019. It will also provide space to present the outcome of our 2020 action plan, which we devised in December 2019 and January 2020.

    Tanja Maksic, BIRN Serbia

    Fiona Nzingo, RNW, Love Matters Kenya Social Media Director

    Ellery Biddle, Ranking Digital Rights 

    Olaf Steenfadt, Reporters Without Borders

    Michael J. Oghia and Mira Milosevic, Global Forum for Media Development

  96. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #25 Freedom Online Coalition Open Forum
    5 Nov 13:50 to 14:50 UTC
    This panel discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) Members in promoting human rights-based approaches to managing the growing malign threat of online disinformation.
    • Rauno Merisaari, Ambassador for Human Rights and Democracy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
    • Campbell Davis, Head of Digital Policy, Cyber Policy Department, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, United Kingdom
    • Akua Gyekye, Regional Lead for Strategic Response, Middle East and Africa, Facebook

  97. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #64 Sharing of personal data during pandemic
    5 Nov 13:50 to 15:20 UTC
    During the session the results of the new empirical study on sharing of private data will be discussed with invited guests, including academics and public policy specialists. Apart from the results of our study, in the second part of the discussion we will invite experts to present results of the studies on the effectiveness of behavioral tools in public policy, with a special focus on applications that make use of personal data.

  98. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #75 Opportunities of the future and the development of startups - the experience of ecosystems
    5 Nov 14:10 to 15:10 UTC
    Discussion panel on barriers to entry, opportunities to overcome them and experiences from various startup ecosystems. A view from different perspectives: Business Environment Institutions (accelerators, incubators, Venture Capital), startups, government, education system.

    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Digital economy: ‎trans-territorial ‎regulations and the ‎impact on digital ‎sovereignty
    5 Nov 14:20 to 15:20 UTC

  100. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Platform Regulations: Towards A Common Vocabulary
    5 Nov 16:20 to 17:50 UTC
    This session will discuss the most relevant and contentious platforms governance issues such as AI, content moderation, effective remedies that need a convergent approach to be addressed effectively. It will present the first consolidated draft of the Glossary on Platform Law and Policy, a guide on key terms related to platform governance for policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders alike.

    Keynote speeches on Platform Governance and its new dimensions  

    Julie Owono, Oversight Board (Facebook) 
    Lofred Madzou, World Economic Forum  

    Presentations (5-minute long) by panellists followed by open discussion:  

    Richard Wingfield, Global Partners Digital 
    Rossana Ducato, University of Aberdeen and UC Louvain  
    Catalina Goanta, Maastricht University   
    Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich  
    Chris Marsden, University of Sussex
    Giovanni De Gregorio, Milano Bicocca University
    Paddy Leerseen, University of Amsterdam

    Enguerrand Marique, UC Louvain & University of Radboud-Nijmegen 

    Yasmin Curzi, FGV

    Ivar Hartmann, FGV


  101. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #85 How to tackle discrimination by AI-enabled technologies? The potential of existing regulatory frameworks and AIAs
    5 Nov 16:20 to 20:10 UTC
    This pre-event focusses on one of the most divisive, disruptive and ultimately, most detrimental to social trust effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies, namely discrimination and the deepening of inequalities. It will discuss what legislative and policy tools and institutional mechanisms and structures can provide the most effective solution to breaches of the equality and non-discrimination principle in the context of AI-enabled technologies.

  102. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #44 ICANN Open Forum - Technical Internet Governance
    5 Nov 16:30 to 17:30 UTC
    The Open Forum will address ICANN’s role in technical Internet governance and some of the threats that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. The four panelists (ICANN’s CEO and President, the Chair of the ICANN Board and a Member of the ICANN Board and ICANN’s Chief Technology Officer) will make time to answer questions you might have.

    Maarten Botterman, ICANN Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Göran Marby, ICANN CEO and President

    Merike Käo, SSAC Liaison to the ICANN Board of Directors

    David Conrad, SVP and Chief Technology Officer



  103. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #74 Openness as a reponse to the crisis - open digital initiatives in the time of the pandemic.
    5 Nov 16:30 to 18:30 UTC
    The global response to the Covid-19 pandemic has quickly demonstrated the value of openness. In this session, we will discuss the significance of open sharing of knowledge, culture and other forms of intellectual property. Is openness a game changer in fighting the current crisis?

  104. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #30 Human rights and the use of AI in the field of health
    5 Nov 17:40 to 18:40 UTC
    The area of health is considered an important field for use of AI, but has also stirred many human rights discussions. Medical data and online apps can support improved health outcomes. But they might also exacerbate inequalities and erode privacy. Such concerns became more visible amidst discussions around the use of online data to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This session addresses discusses how AI can be best used in the area of health and how governments should respond to the challenges.

    Martha Stickings, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

    Ritva Halila, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland and member of Council of Europe Bioethics Committee

    Andreas Reis, World Health Organization (WHO)

    Oliver Smith, Koa Health

    Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Panoptykon Foundation, European Digital Rights (EDRi)

  105. TRUST
    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Technical aspects of content regulation
    5 Nov 18:10 to 19:10 UTC

  106. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #60 How much state intervention in the Internet? The limits of criminalization of fake news by the state
    5 Nov 18:40 to 20:00 UTC
    1. Issue of the definition of fake news in the legal context. 2. Non-criminal measures to fight fake news. 3. Criminal law as a tool against fake news. 4. Issue of the jurisdiction in case of fake news 5. Do officials have the right to lie? 6. Fake news during the electoral campaign. 7. Medical fake news - need of criminalization?

  107. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #34 Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)
    5 Nov 19:20 to 20:20 UTC
    The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) - increasing trust through building capacity. This Open Forum will present the efforts of the GFCE and its constituent members as a global platform for the coordination of cyber capacity building.


    Ms. Joanna Kulesza, Assistant Professor of International Law and Internet Governance, University of Lodz (Moderator)

    Mr. Christopher Painter, President GFCE Foundation Board

    Ms. Carolin Weisser Harris, Lead International Operations, Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC)

    Mr. Enrico Calandro, Co-Director C3 Southern Africa & Chair GFCE Research Committee

    Ms. Racky Seye Samb, Head of Office, Ministry of Digital Economy and Telecommunications, Senegal

    Mr. Moctar Yedaly, Head of Information Society Division, African Union Commission

  108. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #27 Promoting Trust on the Internet through Osaka Track
    6 Nov 08:00 to 09:00 UTC
     The Internet space is the foundation of the digitalized activities in society and economy. In order to strengthen inclusive and sustainable development, it is critical to maintain the free, open and secure Internet space where the maximum benefits of innovation are realized. Therefore, Fostering “trust” in the Internet space is essential to promote “data free flow with trust”.

    ■Opening Remarks

    Mr.  Shintani Masayoshi, State Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, the Government of Japan

    ■Keynote speaker

    Dr. Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google


    - Prof. Jun Murai, Keio University

    - Mr. Lacina Koné, Director-General, Smart Africa

    - Ms. Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications and Engagement, Internet Society

    - Dr. Rudolf Gridl, Head of Division VIA5, Internet Governance and International Digital Dialogue, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Government of Germany (the host country of IGF2019)

    - Ms. Timea SUTO, ICC Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) 


  109. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #32 Trustworthy internet technologies against COVID-19
    6 Nov 08:00 to 09:00 UTC
    Technology has played a key role in the COVID-19 global health crisis outbreak and it will play an even more important role in supporting countries and citizens to overcome the crisis. This session will look at how effective technology-based measures have been in tackling the spread of the virus; how they have ensured the respect of laws and fundamental rights; and what lessons can be learned for the development of trustworthy internet technologies and their use for public policy purposes

    Gemma Carolillo - Deputy Head of Unit, Next-Generation Internet, DG CNECT

    Dirk-Willem van Gulik - Special advisor to NL government for COVID-19 tracing apps

    Dr. Huang Yen-Nun Director for Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI),  Academia Sinica, Taiwan and Hong-Wei Jyan - Director General, Department of Cyber Security of Taiwan, responsible for the development of the apps on COVID-19 

    Jelena Malinina - Digital health, policy officer at  BEUC, the European consumer organisation

  110. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #35 City open data platform - prototyping solutions for citizens and businesses
    6 Nov 09:00 to 11:30 UTC
    Interactive workshop dedicated to open data solutions in cities

    IGF 2020 OF #33 WSIS Action Lines achieving the SDGs: WSIS Forum 2021 OCP
    6 Nov 09:10 to 10:10 UTC
    The WSIS Forum 2021 Open Consultation process (OCP) aims at ensuring a participatory and inclusive spirit of the Forum. This process actively engages multistakeholders in the preparatory process to ensure broad ownership and further improvements of the Forum. The Open Consultation Process will include a collection of inputs from regional and national WSIS related events and therefore work towards shaping the Themes and Format of WSIS Forum 2021. New open calls will be described and promoted.

    Opening Remarks:

    • Mr. Catalin Marinescu, Head of Strategic Planning Division, SPM, ITU
    • Mr. Joe Hironaka, Programme Specialist, UNESCO 
    • Ms. Scarlett Fondeur Gil, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD
    • Ms. Minerva Novero-Belec, Policy Specialist, UNDP

    Moderators and Presenters:

    Ms. Gitanjali Sah, Strategy and Policy Coordinator, ITU, and Mr. Vladimir Stankovic, Program Officer, ITU

  112. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Launch of DC Internet Standards, Security & Safety (DC-ISSS)
    6 Nov 09:10 to 10:40 UTC
    This session includes: an opening presentation on the DC-ISSS objectives; formal presentations; presentations on the working Groups: i) security by design; ii) education and skills; and iii) procurement models for driving the deployment of security standards; an interactive discussion.

    Jon Albert Fanzun, Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Rachel Azafrani, Microsoft

    Olaf Kolkman, Internet Society

    Ghislain de Salins, OECD

    Raymond Onuoha, Research teacher and consultant in digital policy

    Janice Richardson, Expert in Information literacy at Insight S.A.

    Yurii Kargapolov, Chair of ISOC IoT Special Interest Group

    Alejandro Pisanty, professor in chemistry at universidad NAcional Autonomico de Mexico


  113. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #53 Digital Festivals, Digital Weeks, Digital Days – how to engange with citizens and talk about digitalisation?(Digital Poland Foun
    6 Nov 09:30 to 11:00 UTC
    During this session we would talk about the european alliance between 6 countries and the city of Vienna to promote citizen dialogue on digital change.

  114. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #40 Multitude of initiatives, single objective: stability
    6 Nov 10:20 to 11:20 UTC
    Over the recent years, various stakeholders launched initiatives on cybersecurity. Such rise of initiatives will inevitably influence the security and stability of cyberspace not necessarily by competing against one another, but forming a joint effort. This Open Forum will aim to be a platform to share information and develop common responses and find common denominators to build confidence among stakeholders, in order to contribute to the stability of cyberspace.

    H.E Ambassador Tadeusz Chomicki, ambassador for Cyber and Tech Affairs, Poland

    Ms Farlina Said, Analyst, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia

    Mr Siim Alatalu, Director, EU Cybernet

    Mr Maarten Van Horenbeeck, Director, Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

    Mr Jérôme Nicolaï, FSociety Team, Apps 4 Digital Peace Competition 1st Place winner

  115. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #28 Swiss Open Forum on Self-Determination in the Digital Space
    6 Nov 10:50 to 11:50 UTC
    During this session, members of the Swiss Digital Self-Determination network will present their work to enhance civic and economic participation in the digital space, based on the values of self-determination and will elaborate on concrete use cases to promote high-quality data spaces that allow reliable data exchange between all stakeholders. The session will also gather international inputs and views on this initiative, with a view of considering the development of an international network.

    IGF 2020 Accessibility - Closing the Gap
    6 Nov 11:30 to 13:00 UTC
    Closing the gap to improve accessibility for persons with disability is the key focus of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD). This session brings together disability experts presenting their experiences of online meetings during COVID-19 as well as discussing intersessional activities and plans.
    • Paulina Lewandowska
    • Petra Rezar or Damjan Šebjan
    • Muhammad Shabbir Awan
    • Peter Crosbie
    • Judy Okite
    • Shadi Abou-Zahra
    • Judith Hellerstein
    • Gunela Astbrink

  117. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #46 Beyond Personal Data: Literacy, Sovereignty and Rights
    6 Nov 12:00 to 13:00 UTC
    • Global convention for the implementation of Internet governance in order to promote global understanding and respect among countries. • Acknowledgment of everybody’s right (personal data) being held and kept by various operators in the world, as part of globally acceptable personal data protection. • Mutual benefits in digital economy ecosystem for both international and local participants.
    • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia
    • Edmon Chung, DotAsia, CEO
    • Arthit Suriyawongkul, Thai Netizen Network, Trinity College Dublin

    IGF 2020 OF #12 EQUALS in Tech Awards 2020
    6 Nov 13:00 to 14:00 UTC
    This award will be presented in the following categories: Access, Skills, Leadership in Tech, Leadership in SMEs and Research

    Welcome Remarks
    Ms. Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau

    Keynote Address

    Ms. Silvina Moschini, Founder of SheWorks! and TransparentBusiness first Unicorn women-led.  EQUALS in Tech Award Winner 2019


    Announcement of Winners


    • Access Category: Ensuring that women and girls have full access to digital technologies, devices and services. Presenter: Mr. Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA
    • Skills Category: Empowering women and girls to acquire skills to become both ICT users and creators in the digital world and STEM fields. Presenter: Mr. Houlin Zhao, Secretary General, ITU
    • Research Category: Sharing research to enable data-driven and evidence-based action in support of digital gender equality. Presenter: Dr. David Malone, Rector, UN University
    • Leadership in SMEs Category: Supporting women entrepreneurs and creators in technology. Presenter: Ms. Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director, ITC
    • Leadership in Tech Category: Promoting women in decision-making roles and leadership opportunities in the digital workforce. Presenter: Ms. Anita Bhatia, Deputy Executive Director, Resource Management, UN System Coordination, Sustainability and Partnerships, UN Women

  119. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #87 21st century technologies for mobility in metropolitan areas as value added for cities and users
    6 Nov 13:00 to 14:30 UTC
    The session is a panel-brainstrom type with following agenda: 1. Opening presentation 14:00 CET - 15 mins 2. Panel session - part 1 14:15 CET - ~20...30 mins 3. ...switching to brainstorm-like with highly encouraged & motivated publicity and returning to the panel ~20...25 mins 4. Panel session - part 2 15:05 CET - ~15 mins 5. Final summary 15:20 CET - 10 mins

    IGF 2020 Sustainable Internet Governance & the Right to Development
    6 Nov 13:10 to 14:40 UTC
    This meeting continues groundbreaking work drawing links between environmental sustainability and human rights. Its focus is Article 4 of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet in light of the urgent need to identify and rectify the adverse environmental impacts of internet technologies. This meeting will contribute to emerging action plans to ensure that environmental sustainability and the full realization of human rights are cornerstones of internet governance.

    Ms Minda Moreira, Co-Chair of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition

    Ms Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky (Youth Coalition in Internet Governance) is Senior Data Storage Analyst at Dell EMC. She is also a Dell University Relations Committee Member and a Dell Social Media Ambassador. She has previously worked for multinational companies like Microsoft and Orange Business Services. Noha has participated in the Mozilla Open Leaders Program, and is a Fellow to the Middle East and Adjoining Countries School of Internet Governance (MEAC SIG). She was selected as an ISOC [email protected] Fellow in 2017, and after the Geneva IGF, she co-founded Digital Grassroots with other fellows, a youth-led initiative to promote digital citizenship. She has completed several ISOC online courses, and is currently part of the organization’s group of qualified moderators.

    Ms Hanane Boujemi (former co-Chair IRPC, former Manager the HIVOS IG-MENA Program), is executive director of Tech Policy Tank. She is an international expert in Internet Governance and has extensive experience in global Internet Governance processes at the UN level. She specialises in the economic and legal aspects of Internet Policy and Governance. Her work focuses on the policy and regulatory challenges deploying emerging technologies. . She peer reviews Chatham's House Cyber Policy Journal and She lectured on the subject at Clingendael Institute, University of Amsterdam, and University of Toronto. Ms Boujemi has a master's degree in international law and a master's degree in diplomacy with specialisation on Internet Governance and serves on various expert groups at OECD, African Union, European Commission, and the Innovation centre hosted at the UK parliament.

    Mr Ilias Iakovidis (PhD) is currently an Adviser at the European Commission, DG CONNECT working on Green digital transformation. The work involves a development of EU wide measures to improve the energy and material efficiency of the ICT sector, in particular datacentres, electronic communications and digital devices. Ilias is also working on maximising the positive contribution of digital solutions (networks, technologies and applications) to accelerate the transition to circular economy, and, to support the sustainability goals in sectors such as energy networks, manufacturing, transport, and agri-food. He is exploring with stakeholders development of consistent and  transparent methods to estimate the net impact of digital solutions on environment/climate. Before that, he was leading and managing eHealth and ICT for active and healthy ageing units and activities of the European Commission.

    Mr Rigobert Kenmogne (IRPC Steering Committee), is Cameroonian, Holder of a master’s in public and Private Administration obtained at the University of Yaoundé 2 in 2013. Web journalist, researcher in Digital Rights, and writer (Cameroon: the true face of governance), he was committed for nearly ten years in the development of digital and in defense of Digital Rights to provide a response to development and human rights in Cameroon and Africa. In 2017, he became a Digital Rights Program Officer for Francophone Africa at Paradigm Initiative, based in Nigeria, he is the regional expert on digital issues and evaluates digital public policies in 30 countries in Francophone Africa. One of its main objectives in the region is the promotion and leadership in ICT in Africa for future generations. Its role also includes the influence of actions related to violations of digital rights and Internet freedoms in French-speaking countries. With respect to the issues of Internet freedoms, he is an elected member of the Internet Rights and Principe Coalition Steering Committee since early 2019. At the local level, since 2016, he is one of the volunteer local leaders of Digital Access. He is also one of the local leaders of Internet Society.

    Ms Vesna Manojlovic (RIPE Network Coordination Centre), is the Senior Community Builder with a focus on measurement tools. She joined the RIPE NCC as a Trainer in 1999. In 2003, she took responsibility for developing and delivering advanced courses, such as RPSL, Routing Registry, DNSSEC and IPv6. In 2008, she lead efforts to establish IPv6 RIPEness as a measure of IPv6 deployment among LIRs. In 2011, she joined the Science Division as Manager of the Measurements Community Building team. Vesna also takes part in and gives presentations at many technical conferences and workshops.Vesna received a BS in Computer Science and Informatics from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She has three children.

    Ms Raashi Saxena (Youth4DigitalSustainability Program) is a consultant for Gapminder Foundation and a Local Expert for studio intO, a fast-growing international research consultancy. As a member of the Scientific Committee with Missions Publiques, she currently works on rebuilding structures with citizens on matters pertaining to Internet Universality and Governance. Raashi has been a speaker at several international forums such as UN Internet Governance Forum, RightsCon, World Learning events, Campus Party and Communities & Technologies for her valuable contributions in the Internet Governance Space. Her capacity building & advocacy efforts in digital rights, gender rights and youth participation have strengthened the Internet freedom movement in several parts of India. Raashi is a dynamic community builder, currently serving as a Do School Fellow and Young Leader with Women Deliver. She has been an active member of the TED community. In 2019, Raashi was trained by Al Gore to become a certified Climate Reality Leader. Raashi was the Vice Curator of the Bangalore Chapter of the Global Shapers Community, a World Economic Forum initiative. As a Global Shaper, she serves as a steering committee member for the Shaping Fashion Project, a grassroots initiative across the globe to transform the fashion industry into a more sustainable one.

  121. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #49 Upholding Rights in the State-Business Nexus: C19 and beyond
    6 Nov 13:10 to 14:10 UTC
    This session will focus on strategies and practices to advance human rights when governments procure, license or form partnerships to make use of new digital technologies. In a context where contact tracing-apps are developed through public-private partnerships, States should take additional steps to protect against human rights abuses by business enterprises that receive substantial support and services from State agencies and where appropriate, require human rights due diligence.
    • Gary Davis, Global Director of Privacy & Law Enforcement Requests, Apple 
    • Stephanie Hankey, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Tactical Tech
    • Philip Dawson, Lead Public Policy, Element AI
    • John Howell, Director, Human Rights Scrutiny, Australian Human Rights Commission

  122. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #86 Game Jam Kick Off Ceremony
    6 Nov 14:00 to 15:00 UTC
    Game Jam Kick Off

  123. IGF 2020 OF #50 Technology and Governance – opportunities and risks for safety of children online
    6 Nov 14:10 to 15:10 UTC
    The session will focus on the key aspects around technology and governance that are shaping our ability to effectively respond to threats and harms faced by children online, such as: access to technology tools to protect children online, regulatory frameworks on digital platforms and their interplay with safety considerations, unequal capacities across the globe to prevent and respond to online threats and the role of international collaboration.
    • Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE, Founder and Chair of 5Rights Foundation
    • John Tanagho, Director of the Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children, International Justice Mission
    • Signy Arnason, Associate Executive Director, Canadian Center for Child Protection
    • Emilio Puccio, Coordinator, European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights

    IGF 2020 Net Neutrality at times of Covid19
    6 Nov 14:20 to 15:50 UTC
    The Covid19 pandemic has demonstrated that free and non-discriminatory Internet access is essential. This session will discuss the importance of the various facets of Internet openness at times of crisis. Panellists will discuss case studies, strategies and regulations explored in the DCNN annual report (developed in partnership with DC3)on "The Value of Internet Openness at Times of Crisis"
    • Luca Belli, FGV
    • Anriette Esterhuysen, MAG Chair
    • Nikhil Pawha, Medianama
    • Frode Sorensen, Norwegian Telecoms Regulator (Nkom)
    • Aurore Tual, French Telecoms Regulator (ARCEP)
    • KS Park, Korea University Law School/Open Net
    • Smriti Parsheera, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi
    • Apar Gupta, Internet Freedom Foundation
    • Anya Orlova, CyberBRICS
    • Andrey Shcherbovich, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
    • Alejandro Pisanty, Autonomous University Mexico

    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Access and digital inclusion
    6 Nov 14:50 to 15:50 UTC

    IGF 2020 Lessons Learnt from Evidence-Based Research
    6 Nov 17:10 to 18:40 UTC
    This session aims to share insights on (1) digital skills, (2) health, (3) community networks, based on 120 case studies on ICT-based initiatives from 50 countries and to provide practical takeaways for practitioners.

    Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania, USA Muge Haseki, University of Pennsylvania, USA Leon Gwaka, University of Pennsylvania, USA Leandro Navarro, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, SPAIN Claire Sibthorpe, UK Sarbani Banerjee Belur INDIA

  127. DATA
    IGF 2020 OF #29 Global Encryption Coalition
    6 Nov 17:10 to 18:10 UTC
    Session on the Global Encryption Coalition and the global encryption debate around the world - what's at stake and what we can do about it.

    Natalie Campbell, Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, Internet Society

    Mishi Choudry, Legal Director and Founder of Software Freedom Law Center and Founder

    Michele Neylon, Owner & CEO, Blacknight Solutions

    Greg Nojeim, Senior Counsel and Director, Freedom, Security and Technology Project, Center for Democracy and Technology

    Ryan Polk, Senior Policy Advisor, Internet Society

    Courtney Radsch, PhD, Advocacy Director, Committee to Protect Journalists

    IGF 2020 The Criticality of the Internet for SIDS in a global crisis
    6 Nov 17:10 to 18:40 UTC
    How will Islands cope & survive in a world turned on its head by the social & economic effects of grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic? How can the Internet & related technologies help SIDS economies deal with and recover from the current challenges? More at:

    Session Chairs: Tracy Hackshaw - Trinidad & Tobago Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) / Internet Society Trinidad & Tobago Chapter (ISOC-TT) & Maureen Hilyard - Chair, ICANN At Large Advisory Committee & Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) 

    Lead discussants

    • Pacific Islands (Cherie Lagakali, Chair PICISOC, Fiji;  Jackson Miake, Vanuatu; Dalsie Baniala, MAG member, Vanuatu; Maureen Hilyard, ALAC Chair, At-Large, ICANN, Cook Islands; Georgina Naigulevu, PICISOC and Fiji Disability Forum) 
    • Caribbean (June Parris, Barbados; Nigel Cassimire, Caribbean Telecommunications Union & Caribbean IGF convenor; Bevil Wooding, Director, Caribbean Affairs, ARIN; Carlton Samuels, Jamaica; Rhea Yaw Ching, Covela Foundation; Lance Hinds, Guyana)
    • AIMS (Karim Attoumani Mohamed, Comoros)


    Internet Society IGF Youth Ambassadors: Mauricia Abdol-Tshilunda; Ananda Gautam; Herman Ramos; Veronica Piccolo

    IGF Youth: Yao Amevi Amessinou Sossou

  129. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #82 How not to build a future society? Using data correctly to build a prosperous world for everyone
    6 Nov 17:10 to 17:55 UTC

    IGF 2020 OF #43 Fostering ICT to mitigate the aftermath of human tragedy
    6 Nov 18:20 to 19:20 UTC
    Report on the initiative by on fostering ICT to mitigate the aftermath of human tragedy.

    Jefferson de Oliveira Silva - Brazilian Network Information Center (

    Marcos Cesar de Oliveira Pinto, Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship policies

    IGF 2020 NRIs Collaborative Session: Digital rights and impact on democracy
    6 Nov 18:50 to 19:50 UTC

  132. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #42 Personal Sovereignty: Digital Trust in the Algorithmic Age
    6 Nov 19:30 to 20:30 UTC
    This session will explore dimensions of the challenges and opportunities in identifying innovative approaches to promote and use technologies for sustainable development. It will address how the shared goal of sustainable development can be realized by harnessing technologies, while at the same time minimizing their disruptive and adverse effects.

    Mr. John Havens, IEEE

    Ms. Moira Patterson, IEEE

    Dr. Salma Abbasi, eWorldwide Group

  133. TRUST
    IGF 2020 OF #42 Personal Sovereignty: Digital Trust in the Algorithmic Age
    10 Nov 18:30 to 19:30 UTC
    This session will explore dimensions of the challenges and opportunities in identifying innovative approaches to promote and use technologies for sustainable development. It will address how the shared goal of sustainable development can be realized by harnessing technologies, while at the same time minimizing their disruptive and adverse effects.

    Mr. John Havens, IEEE

    Ms. Moira Patterson, IEEE

    Dr. Salma Abbasi, eWorldwide Group