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IGF 2020 (all sessions)

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  1. DATA
    IGF 2020 Main Session DATA: Data governance and practices lessons during COVID-19 pandemic
    9 Nov 09:20 to 10:50 UTC
    The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many public private initiatives around the world to leverage data for fighting the pandemic. We are looking to share and hear about useful experiences from different stakeholders about how to ensure privacy and other human rights while leveraging the use of data for tackling the pandemic.

    IGF 2020 Main Session ENVIRONMENT
    9 Nov 15:40 to 17:10 UTC
    This session will explore how technologies are used and developed throughout the world to measure, understand and fight the impacts of climate change and mobilize to keep the globe from warming above 1.5 °C.  Panelists will showcase solutions and commitments for climate action across all layers of the global digital ecosystem and elaborate on the elements necessary to create enabling policy environments in which such initiatives can flourish.

  3. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Main Session TRUST
    10 Nov 12:30 to 14:00 UTC
    Internet Fragmentation - Is Digital Sovereignty the Problem or the Solution? This main session focuses on the debate surrounding Internet Fragmentation. The Internet Governance community has advocated for and strives to maintain the integrity of a unified and open Internet, but political and technological changes still push the debate on how feasible that is. Multistakeholder perspectives will be discussed in this session and advanced in the backdrop of current shared global priorities.

  4. IGF 2020 DCs Main Session: Socio-economic recovery after the Covid19 crisis – Dynamic Coalitions’ role
    11 Nov 12:30 to 14:00 UTC
    The focus of the session is on altering the thinking from scenarios of a global recession to scenarios of a post-covid upliftment, not merely an economic boom, but an all-round upliftment in the way we govern, do business and live. Speakers representing Dynamic Coalitions at the IGF will engage with participants in a contextual debate on the role of the DCs and the relevance of their work during the pandemic and after the pandemic, to help cause a socio-economic renewal.

    IGF 2020 Main Session INCLUSION
    11 Nov 18:30 to 20:00 UTC
    Access to meaningful Internet Services for REMAINING BILLIONS is one of the main challenges to effectively overcome the digital divide. In developing and least developing countries, the prices and business models for Internet Services condemn those communities to continue living in a world without Internet. The panel will comment about strategic actions and public policies that have been conducted over recent months of health crisis, perhaps some applicable widely in the near future.

  6. IGF 2020 Main Session: Digital Cooperation
    12 Nov 17:50 to 19:20 UTC
    Global Digital Cooperation is a defining aspect of our time. Cooperation within and between the public, private and civic sectors through multistakeholderism, including the whole world, is essential to the future we want. This session will build on the United Nations Secretary-General's Roadmap for digital cooperation to connect, protect and respect int he digital age, with a focus on the role of the IGF.

  7. TRUST
    IGF 2020 Main Session NRIs: Role of the Internet in Emergency Situations
    13 Nov 16:50 to 18:20 UTC