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BPF Cybersecurity

BPF Cybersecurity - Exploring best practices in relation to recent international cybersecurity initiatives

About IGF2019 BPF Cybersecurity

The 2019 edition of the Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity is exploring best practices in relation to recent International Cybersecurity Initiatives. The BPF analyses existing initiatives such as the Paris Call, the GCSC’s Six Critical Norms Towards Cyber Stability, the UN OEWG and GGE, and collect and share best practices around the implementation of suggested measures. 

REVIEW the draft output report !

IGF2019 BPF Cybersecurity draft output


  • Review the report here (link BPF report)
  • Send your feedback to [email protected]
  • Format: email, or word/pdf attached to an email
  • If your comment is on a specific section or paragraph, please indicate this clearly! 
  • Deadline: you can submit feedback on the draft document until the last day of the IGF2019 meeting. However, we would appreciate receiving your feedback before Friday 22 November, as this would allow us to take your comments into account during the BPF workshop in Berlin.
  • Received feedback will be posed on this page (unless the author indicates that he/she prefers the feedback is not published) and will feed into the final BPF output report.  

Feedback on the draft report (update 21 Nov)

  • Matthew Shears/Freedom Online Coalition - feedback

BPF Cybersecurity workshop at IGF2019

Wednesday 27 November 

15:00 - 16:30  (local time / UTC +1)

Estrel Saal C


      List of Contributions:  (updated 12 Nov)


          CALL  for  CONTRIBUTIONS

          The IGF2019 BPF Cybersecurity launched a call for contributions to collect input and best practice examples from the stakeholder community.

          deadline: the BPF accepts contributions and input on a rolling basis. Contributions received by Sept 20 will be included in the draft BPF report published before the IGF meeting. Contributions after Sept 20 will be posted on this website and serve as input for the BPF discussions before and at IGF2019 in Berlin. They will be incorporated in the final BPF output report. More details on the call for contributions and its questionnaire can be found here .

          Background document 

          The BPF Cybersecurity is focusing on international agreements and initiatives on cybersecurity. The main objective of this year's effort is to identify best practices related to the implementation, operationalization, and support of different principles, norms, and policy approaches contained in these international agreements/initiatives by individual signatories and stakeholders.

          For a better understanding of the types of agreements we are investigating, we recommend reading the background paper published in July and available here (.pdf) . The paper provides an overview of international agreements and initiatives by focusing on the (i) identification of spaces for agreement, (ii) assessment of the state of existing agreements and (iii) next steps for implementation.


          Background paper to the IGF Best Practices Forum on Cybersecurity

          Participate in the BPF

          Participation in the work of the BPF Cybersecurity is free and open to all interested. Please subscribe to the mailing list to keep track of the latest developments.

          For general inquiries on the BPF Cybersecurity please contact [email protected] .

          About the BPF Cybersecurity 

          Preparatory Process

          Intended work plan for 2019

          • Meeting I on scoping the work of the BPF  -  March 12 / 20
          • Development of initial research papers by team volunteers  -  late March to early May
          • Meeting II to review the research papers, take any resulting decisions and begin scoping the public Call for Contributions  -  early May
          • Launch call for contributions  -  early/mid May (with deadline mid July)
          • Outreach to specific actors, e.g. signatories to agreements being explored, governments, other key stakeholders  -  starting mid May
          • Drafting of the BPF report and engagement with the BPF where needed to broaden input  -  mid July to late August
          •  Meeting III to discuss the draft BPF report and planning the BPF session at IGF 2019
          • Publish the draft report for community input ahead of IGF 2019  -  by 8th October (6 weeks before IGF 2019)

          Meeting Summaries and Announcements:

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