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DC-IoT: Introduction


The first meeting of IGF stakeholders that led to where we are with the Dynamic Coaltion on IoT, today, goes back to 2008 and was held in the context of the 3rd IGF in Hydrabad. Since the IGF in Hyderabad, the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (DC-IoT) has engaged in open meetings at all following IGFs and at meetings in between IGFs on the usefulness of Internet of Things, its necessity to help address global and local societal challenges, and the challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure the Internet of Things is developing in a way that serves people around the globe. 

At the IGF 2016, in Guadalajara, the DC-IoT will meet again in order to progress the agenda that was introduced last year in Joao Pessoa. Aim is to further our understanding of IoT Good Practice from a global multistakeholder perspective, that is across sectors, cultures and nations.

An updated IoT Good Practice Paper will inform the discussion that has been progressed since Joao Pessoa, and all stakeholders are invited to take note, contribute online, and join us in Guadalajara.

For more information on the Dynamic Coalition, and supporting documents, see


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